25 Great Gifts for College Students

Wondering what to get a college student for Christmas? I quizzed my three subject matter experts and did some research of my own to come up with a gift guide that’s been vetted by actual college students. Originally, I planned to break this into two posts: one for females and one for males, but I realized there was too much overlap between the two lists. Who’s to say that only a boy would like Game of Thrones Monopoly or only a girl would like a cozy scarf. Not me! I’m sure you can find some ideas here. Gifts To Wear Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker. Help your college student avoid the Freshman 15 and get reminders to stand up and move around some during those extended study sessions with this popular fitness tracker. Those dorm floors can get pretty chilly in February. Help them replace those worn-out shower shoes with fur-lined hard-soled slippers. Good for the girls and the boys! It’s probably also time to turn in the thin cotton black summer leggings for warm, luxurious fleece leggings. And you can absolutely get these for the guys as well. While we’re on the topic of keeping warm, let’s not forget the … Continue reading 25 Great Gifts for College Students