31 Days of Holiday Self-Care, Day 14, Start the Day with Some Easy Yoga


Do you want to know a secret? I’ve never been to a yoga class in my whole life. Why? I’m intimidated by the poses, the culture, and my perception that I will be the sole awkward participant in a class full of young, blonde, serene experts.

I’m changing that in 2017! But, in the meantime, I’ve been following along with some Yoga videos so I can be comfortable with the process when I finally walk into a studio. And as a bonus, I get to experience some of the proven benefits of yoga: decreased stress, better bone strength, and increased focus.y

So, let’s start today with a super-easy Sun Salutation. It only takes 8 minutes and, believe me, I know, you don’t need any experience to get through the process shown in the video below. We can start the day feeling relaxed and focused and ready for the world.

And if you’re reading this at lunchtime or in the evening? There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t take some time out to fuel the rest of your day or help you unwind. Give it a try.


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