Weekend Reading: Going to the chapel and we’re going to sleepwalk naked

Weekend Reading

It’s wedding season! Have you been to any fun weddings? I went through a long dry spell of non-wedding attendance after all my friends had gotten married, but now our children are taking up the banner, which is wonderful. I love watching young adults at the beginning of their lives, so sure of themselves and the life they are beginning. I always cry. How could you not?

I’m a recent newlywed, but the traditional wedding is a young person’s game. Our wedding was a ceremony; given by us and designed to honor our love for each other and for our family and friends. A young person’s wedding is a party; given for them by their loved ones and designed to honor them as they take on the mantle of adulthood (even if by the time they marry they’ve been adults for many years.) Both types of weddings are good, of course, because at both types of weddings cake is served.

And please, folks, say No to drones!

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