10 Stylish and Comfy Summer Clothes I’m Adding to My Wardrobe Right Now

If you read my newsletter, you’ll know that I’ve declared this summer to be “elastic waistband summer” to indicate my refusal to wear any item of clothing that isn’t soft, comfy, cozy and pretty. I’m sick of wearing the same old leggings and t-shirts every day; I’m ready to start getting up in the morning and feeling “dressed” when I come out of my bedroom. But I refuse to give up comfort for style!

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I also refuse to spend any more money than necessary. These days, I can’t be paying $100 for a dress that’s going to sit in my closet most of the time. I need clothes that I’ll wear on a regular basis so everything need to be able to be dressed up or dressed down and ideally I should be able to wear anything I buy for multiple seasons. And, of course, I need to spend as little as possible.

Fortunately, I found 10 perfect pieces to add to my summer wardrobe that fit all my requirements! Each piece can be worn casually around the house or dressed up with accessories for a dressier look. Everything is under $100, including the workhorse jumpsuit I can’t wait to get that’s under $30 and the $12 shorts that I promise you’ll wear every day. (I’ve already bought these shorts so I can tell for sure how great they are!)

If you’re reading this over Memorial Day, be sure and check these items out right now as all the stores are having amazing sales and you can wear everything all summer!

Cute and Comfy Clothes to Brighten Your Summer

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10 Stylish and Comfy Summer Clothes I'm Adding to My Wardrobe Right Now 11

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