15 Advent Calendars You Need Right Now Because It’s 2020

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These cute advent calendars will help you get in the holiday spirit early and give something to smile about every day until Christmas. If you buy a few, you can start counting down the days until Christmas right now!

A friend of mine recently found several advent calendar gift sets in her closet that she had intended to give as gifts last year. She almost put them back to give as gifts this year when she was struck by I believe is a genius idea.

She realized she had 4 Advent Calendars. Advent Calendars typically count the last 24 days until Christmas, right? So, with 4 Advent Calendars, she could start counting the days until Christmas starting at 96 days until the holiday.

And that, my friends, is what she is doing. Every day she opens a new box in her Advent Calendar and posts a picture on Facebook. Her current Advent Calendar has 24 different jars of jam and she posts a picture every day of her toast and jam and cup of tea.

What a great way to get in the Christmas spirit! I get a little bit of joy just looking at the pictures! And this year, more than ever, we can use all the Christmas we can get and as early as we want to start celebrating.

My friend isn’t the only one looking for a bit of Christmas joy. According to the New York Times, Christmas content is going wild on TikTok. Pinterest is reporting that people are searching for Christmas content more than ever and earlier than ever before.

I think I’ll grab at least two of these calendars and start my own personal Christmas countdown. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get in the Christmas spirit, I’m sure at least one of these Advent Calendars will do the trick.

Plus, they make great pre-Christmas gifts for any of your friends who might need a little cheering up these days! (Translation: all of us.)

Advent Calendars

Everything You Need to Rock the 2020 Holiday Season!

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15 Advent Calendars You Need Right Now Because It's 2020 31
15 Advent Calendars You Need Right Now Because It's 2020 32
15 Advent Calendars You Need Right Now Because It's 2020 33
15 Advent Calendars You Need Right Now Because It's 2020 34
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