5 Healthy Aging Tips for Women

5 Healthy Aging Tips for Women

We’re hearing from Emma Jones of Greenwood Homecare today with her tips on keeping our health as we age, something I know we’re all passionate about! 

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Well, it’s quite obvious that every woman’s aim is to age well. Right? Who hasn’t heard about women who are in their 90s but are still healthy and vibrant? Although you may think that they were blessed with great genes, there are so many factors that usually come into play. How you exercise, eat, and safeguard your emotional and physical health are some of the keys to aging well. It’s therefore important for women to embrace old age and promise themselves to age as gracefully as possible. Here are some of the lifestyle modifications that can help women age well.

Eat a healthy diet

If you want to have a good health and reduce the risk of things such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, bone loss, stroke, anemia, and other forms of cancer then healthy eating is very important. As you age, you may become more susceptible to food poisoning and foodborne illnesses. You, therefore, need to eat good quality foods such as veggies, high fiber fruits, and whole grains. These will provide you with the nutrients that you need to maintain your bones, muscles, and other important organs and to boost your energy level.


According to studies, approximately 28% of older women live alone and staying alone is one of the strongest factors that contribute to loneliness. Common life changes such as health issues, retirement, and the loss of a spouse may lead to isolation. After a significant life change or the loss of a spouse, you need to maintain regular communication with your friends and families. Plan to meet your family and friends for a weekly shared meal, coffee or just to discuss a common interest. According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, older women who have a large social network can greatly reduce the risk of dementia. To remain healthy and age gracefully, stay social and surround yourself with good supportive friends.

Get moving

One of the greatest keys to the mental and physical well being is staying active. Living an active life will not only help you to stay fit but also assist you to do your own activities with lots of ease. Staying active may also provide you with a relief from many chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, depression, among others. You, therefore, need to stay active and ensure that you do something that you enjoy. If you cannot stick to regular gym routine make sure you ride your bike or go for a walk every day. Try to incorporate muscle strengthening and aerobic balance into your activities. Just think about what works for you and get moving.

Get Screened

If you want to recognize whether you have any health problem then you need to go for screening. Consult your health care providers about which screenings are good for you and how regular you should go for them. Depending on your family and personal history, it’s important to discuss the screening procedures with your doctor. However, it’s usually recommended that women over 50 years should go colorectal cancer screening, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

Volunteer and practice optimism

How can assisting other people help you? First, helping other people can greatly help you feel more socially connected which is very good for your health. According to recent research, helping others can also help you to lower your blood pressure which usually contributes to stroke, heart disease, and even premature death. Having a positive outlook on life is, therefore, very important. This will not only impact positively on your health but also affect your longevity positively. By having a positive outlook, you can greatly reduce your risk of mortality. Remember, whether it’s partly sunny or cloudy the choice hugely depends on you. Since stress may cause fatigue, memory loss, and decreased ability to fight off diseases, make sure you lower your level of stress.

Emma is part of the community team at Greenwood Homecare who provide a range of high-quality care services. Emma is passionate about improving the quality of care that elderly people receive in the UK and around the world.

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