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My Top Five Instagrammers to Follow for Midlife Style Inspiration

In my last post, I showed five amazing women who are still rocking amazing style into their 60s and beyond. But those looks are pretty aspirational for me, what I want to look like when I finally grow up and feel free to be wild. However, if I'm looking for style inspiration I can use now, there are tons...

15 Pieces of Lingerie for Older Women You’ll Feel Beautiful Wearing

You can still wear sexy lingerie and feel great, even if you're over 40 and 50. These 15 pieces of lingerie for older women highlight your assets, hide the areas you don't feel great about, and will make you feel absolutely beautiful when you wear them. If...

15 Instagrammers with Ageless Style Who Prove You Can Wear What You Want

While I was writing my post, 10 Wardrobe Swaps You Need to Make to Instantly Look Younger, I checked out a few similar articles on the web. I wanted to see what advice other people were giving and make sure my information wasn't too repetitive. In general, I agreed with most of what I read.

5 Comfortable and Stylish Shoes Perfect for Women Over 40

I’m really excited today to partner with Marmi Shoes to bring you this sponsored post featuring shoes from the brand Vaneli Shoes. Vanelli shoes offer stylish, yet comfortable, shoes that are perfect for women over 40. I received a pair of shoes to try out, but my opinions are, as always, my own.

20 Wedding Dresses Perfect for the Over 40 Bride That You Can Get from Amazon

Planning a wedding as a bride over 40? You don't have to spend a ton of money on the perfect wedding dress. You can buy an inexpensive, but still high quality, wedding dress at the same place you buy all your other household and wardrobe needs: Amazon! Here are some great classy, affordable wedding dresses for...