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The Ultimate Professional and Comfortable Work from Home Wardrobe

Working from home for the foreseeable future? This 13-piece work from home wardrobe will keep you looking professional for those Zoom calls and feeling comfy on the couch when it's just you and your dog. Everything is mix and match so you can just roll out of bed, grab some easy pieces, and get to work!

Festive Holiday Makeup Look for Women over 40

Here's a quick tutorial on how to update your makeup for an easy festive holiday look for the over 40 woman that covers the full face using techniques designed to enhance aging skin and make us all look our best. This is a perfect look for Christmas and New Year's Eve parties. It's also easy to...

Improving My Style with Stitch Fix

Fall is always a time for new beginnings for me and I’m frequently inspired to take on new projects and try new things. As you can see from my recent post on style inspiration from Instagram, I’ve been looking at how some other women in my age group are dressing and wondering if maybe I couldn’t take a few...

Ten Holiday Outfits You’ll Love No Matter What You’re Planning for the 2020 Holiday

One of these holiday outfits will be right for you for the 2020 holidays whether you're staying home, meeting up with friends or family, or getting together over Zoom. Whatever your plans are this year, these cozy and comfy outfits have got you covered whether you need a dressy look or want to go more casual.