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The Gratitude Letter: A Simple Gratitude Exercise with a Big Impact

Looking for a gratitude exercise that makes a big impact? Write a gratitude letter to someone you appreciate letting them know why they matter to you. This letter of gratitude will boost your happiness and make your letter's recipient happy as well. Many years ago, my father decided he would write eulogies for...

Here’s What Your Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day present? This year, instead of buying perfume or bringing flowers, why not celebrate your mom with a gift from the heart? These Mother's Day gift ideas are easy and unique and your Mom is sure to love them.

What to Do if You Find Yourself Alone at Christmas

Are you planning to be alone at Christmas this year? Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for empty nesters to find themselves alone during the holidays, whether that holiday is Thanksgiving or Christmas. As our children grow up, they have other claims on their Christmas holidays. They may need to stay and work, for example, or visit a...

Think Twice Before You Complain About Your Teen to Your Friends

It might feel cathartic to complain about your difficult relationship with your teenager to your friends, but you can hurt your teen and further damage your relationship if they know you talk to your friends about your issues with them. Here's why. I have a confession to make. Sometimes I get mad at my...