Weekend Reading: It’s Time to Graduate

Weekend Reading: It’s Time to Graduate

How did this happen?

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Friday Fun Links

The blue-green hair is already a thing of the past

If you’re actually reading this on Friday, May 22nd, I know what I’m doing right this minute. I’m crying. My youngest child is graduating from high school today and a long chapter of my life is closing forever. I am no longer raising children.

It’s a celebration, of course. I’m ridiculously proud and in utter awe of the grown-up people my children have become. But I’m sad, too. I miss having a tiny little head leaning against me, smelling like love and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I know those days have been over for a while but in some ways, this graduation is a ceremony marking the end of that time, as well as the beginning of what I’m sure will be my daughter’s amazing grown-up life. I’m so proud of her. And I’m proud of my boys. And I love everybody. And, oh, there’s something in my eye.

As a gift to my oldest son for his high school graduation, I posted the following question on the website ask.metafilter and made a book for him from the answers:

So I want to send my son out into the world with the best possible advice he can start-up with, meaning I want to send him out with all the best advice I’ve found over on my years here. I’ve saved a ton of things, but I’m old so I’d love to hear from people who are in college or just out or people in their 30s – so basically everyone, including people my age and older – can you give me the link to the best advice you’ve ever read here, something that actually changed your view of the world or made you a better person?

The book that I ended up creating doesn’t have page numbers, but I estimate that it’s about 100 pages (front and back) of amazing advice, stories, and information that would make anyone who read it a better person. I’m guessing you don’t have that much time and you’re also not just starting out in life, but there’s wisdom in there for all ages.

As my graduation present to you, today’s Friday Fun Links is the Best of the Best of Metafilter for Midlife Ramblers:

And just to make sure that this post is all about me and how I’m doing and how I’m feeling, there is no funny video. Yes, you read that right. I leave you instead with approximately 17 minutes of advice on how to be better person from Neil Degrasse Tyson’s 2015 Commencement Speech at UMass Amherst.

In life, they’re not going to ask you your GPA, they’re going to ask you are you a hard worker, are you a problem solver, are you committed, can you focus, are you a good leader? All of these other questions matter in the rest of your life.

Oh, you made it this far? You’re such a good friend. Then maybe you might be interested in hearing about the Mom who asked for the bakery to add “a little cap” to her daughter’s graduation cake.
Friday Fun Links - A little Cap

And the bakery’s genius response to their mistake.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyday. Remember on Monday, we’re all going vegan! You’re doing this with me, right?

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