Improving My Style with Stitch Fix

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Fall is always a time for new beginnings for me and I’m frequently inspired to take on new projects and try new things. As you can see from my recent post on style inspiration from Instagram, I’ve been looking at how some other women in my age group are dressing and wondering if maybe I couldn’t take a few steps to up my style game. I’ve actually been feeling like this for a while and earlier in the year I signed up for Stitch Fix to see if they couldn’t help me add a little style to my wardrobe.

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for women that has become something of a cult in the blogging world for two reasons, I think: it’s incredibly fun when your fix arrives and they give a generous $25 discount if someone signs up for the service using your referral link (and yes, full disclosure, all links to the service here are my referral link. All opinions are my own, of course.)

I signed up in February and scheduled my fixes to come every other month. You can choose a monthly schedule, every other month, every 3 months or on demand. So this is my fifth fix and the first one that I’ve been really and truly happy with. I’ve finally learned that the more you information you give your stylist, the happier you’ll be with what you get.

When you sign up, you fill out a style profile where you enter your sizes and then pick out what kind of clothes you like and what kind of clothes you want to get. If you have a Pinterest board with clothes you like, they ask for a link to it. They also ask what kind of clothes you would like in your fix and I asked for a mix of work appropriate and more casual clothes. Before each fix, they also ask you to fill out a short form telling your stylist if you want anything special in that fix. And then after each fix, you rate each item of clothing, saying what you’ll be keeping and what you don’t like about the items you’re not keeping. Returns, by the way, are super simple; just throw everything in the included bag and stick it in your mailbox.

It took a few fixes for us to get to know each other. My first fix had a cute little dress that I might have really liked except it was over $100 and I could get easily get a similar dress for $45 at Ross. It also had a pair of pretty expensive jeans that were very artfully torn at the knees which, in general, I don’t think I could pull off and which I definitely can’t wear to work. If I’m going to pay $75 for a pair of jeans, a) my butt had better look amaaaaazing and b) I need to be able to wear them to work. But, my very first fix had an orange sweater that was incredibly cute and which garnered me a ton of compliments every time I wore it. I wouldn’t have ever even looked at that sweater in a stoire because I had this perception that I don’t look good in orange so even from the first fix I was starting to build a better wardrobe.

That’s actually one of the big benefits of Stitch Fix; it helps you build a wardrobe. They remember what you’ve kept and will build upon that. Every fix comes with a note from your stylist with suggestions on how to wear your pieces and a card with styling suggestions. Your stylist’s note will often refer pieces you’ve received in the past and how you can wear your new pieces with your old ones.

This fix was a little different for me. In my last fix, I received a pair of Rizzo Pull-on Skinny Pants or, as I said in delight when I pulled them out of the box, “Work leggings!” At $98, they were pretty pricey, but these weren’t just work leggings, these were comfortable, yet somehow Spanx-like, work leggings. There was only one problem. I had nothing to wear with these pants. These pants were stylish and the pants portion of my work wardrobe tends to run along the lines of black pants/blue button-front shirt, khaki pants/white button-front shirt, etc. And of course, always, always, the sweater, essential in the 50-degree air-conditioned environment of the typical office environment.

But I wanted to change. I wanted to wear work leggings with cute tops to work. So, I kept the pants and this time around I wrote my stylist a note and asked that my fix focus on tops to wear with my pants and cute cardigans to cover the tops. I also asked for a “statement necklace” because I’ve noticed that stylish women wear statement necklaces. My stylist, “Shan xo”, did not disappoint.

Here’s what I got:

Improving My Style with Stitch Fix 2
My letter from my stylist and my card that comes with my fix showing my how to wear my pieces

I received a beautiful statement necklace that goes wonderfully with the one and only Christmas-present-from-my-husband-necklace that I wear 24/7,

Improving My Style with Stitch Fix 3


I also got a great top and cardigan combination that works wonderfully with my pants from my last fix.

Improving My Style with Stitch Fix 4

A second top that would also go with those black pants but that also goes great with jeans and with the Kelsie blazer I got a few fixes back.

Improving My Style with Stitch Fix 5

They always try to include something that I pinned to my Pinterest board and I’m starting to wish that they wouldn’t because the women that I pin on my board look like this in their poncho cardigans:

Improving My Style with Stitch Fix 6

and I look like this:

Improving My Style with Stitch Fix 7 Improving My Style with Stitch Fix 8

I reached out to you to save me from myself Stitch Fix!

Still, on the whole, I’m very happy with my fix as I continue to inch toward fashionableness. I’ll be an old lady of style yet.

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6 thoughts on “Improving My Style with Stitch Fix”

  1. You look fabulous in everything but the poncho cardigan! Congrats on upping your style. I have tried Stitch Fix, but they didn’t get me so I gave it up. You have done well!

    • I still have hopes for the poncho cardigan with a simpler outfit but it’s probably going back. This is my fifth fix and the first I was really happy with – I think you have to get to know each other. It’s so disappointing when the box is a dud isn’t it?

  2. Such a fun overview of Stitch Fix and I love your outfits. I have tried it once and would definitely do again. I think I got a similar pair of pants that I love and a nice wrap scarf I would not have chosen myself. So simple to send things back too. They do make it easy. Fun post.

    • Thanks Meg. That’s a nice thing about them – you don’t have to commit to a regular time frame. I may try a scarf next time but I’m really cheap about those things so I’ve been hesitant.


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