Is Your Wine Aging You?

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I know so many women like myself who suddenly can no longer tolerate a glass of wine in the evening without waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night and feeling like crap the next day. My friend Amy recently sent me two bottles of wine from Scout & Cellar, a brand of natural, organic wines, that she promised could make me enjoy wine again. She was right! So I asked her to share how this wine is different with my readers.

This post is not sponsored, but I did receive two bottles of the Scout & Cellar wine to try.

We had a safe social dinner with friends last night, and I woke up at 

2 am with a dull headache. 

This ‘wine hangover’ happens to me often – and I used to roll with it.  The rash and flushed cheeks, the heart palpitations…..As part of my mission with the Fearlessly Facing Fifty brand and all I do to inform and inspire others – I have been introduced to something I want to share with other midlife and beyond women – because it’s been a game-changer for me. 

The problem isn’t the way wine tastes. It’s the way wine is made. Most of the wines we enjoy come from large producers using commercially grown grapes. Commercial grapes are grown with toxic loads of chemicals and are always on the Dirty Dozen list. The Dirty Dozen List by The Environmental Working Group lists the produce grown with the highest amounts of chemicals.

The wine I drank was a well known high-end brand. It probably contained added sugar, high amounts of sulfates, and some of the 250 allowable additives winemakers can use to make their dirty juice taste delicious. I am a believer in lifetime learning and embracing being a novice, that is why I set out to learn more.

As someone who is working hard to learn ways of making healthy choices, I make a conscious effort to align my lifestyle habits with my wellness goals. I choose to support sustainable agriculture, shop local and organic when possible, and always look for toxins lurking in my personal and home care products.

I switched to natural wines about three months ago, because they are better for me, and it’s about time I begin making health and wellness on my priority list. When I found a woman-owned company that curated natural wines selected by a level III sommelier and tested for purity, not once but twice, it was an easy YES. It’s what we drink because it tastes delicious, and it fits into our clean lifestyle.  It also is like the wine that I drank when we lived in Europe and with our travels to Australia – where I didn’t experience the ‘wine hangovers.’ 

Is Your Wine Aging You? 2

When I wake at 2 am feeling crappy after two wine glasses, something in the wine caused inflammation. Inflammation is not good… and the root cause of every single lifestyle disease, including cancer! I have many friends that are cancer survivors, and I am aware that 90% of cancers are rooted in habit and behavior. Nasty low-level inflammation is not just dangerous; it ages us prematurely. So I make a conscious decision to choose delicious wines that contain no chemicals or additives. 

I vote with my consumer dollars by shopping and supporting businesses whose values align with my own. Scout & Cellar is a woman-owned company that supports sustainable agriculture and small independent family vineyards. Plus, they test their wines to ensure they are free of growing chemicals, added sugar, and winemaker additives. The wines are clean-crafted from grape to glass.

Thanks to Scout & Cellar’s clean-crafted wines, I am able to enjoy without worries because I know that I’m drinking wine in its purest form as it was meant to be – with no artificial chemicals, additives, and unnecessary sugars. In fact, Scout & Cellar’s wines are made with just grapes and less than 50ppm of sulfites on average, and all are under 100ppm). Given the fact that mass-produced wines can contain up to 350ppm sulfites per bottle, I’d say that’s pretty awesome.

Is Your Wine Aging You? 3

Scout & Cellar isn’t an individual winery or vineyard – it’s so much more. Its sommeliers’ source their wine from the top growing regions across the world, focusing on boutique vineyards that have met very strict criteria and even independently lab test them. The wines are made from grapes that are grown consciously and that are bottled without the added ingredients that modify taste, texture, color, and aroma. The result? Naturally grown, high-quality wines that you can feel great about drinking yourself and sharing with family and friends!

Enjoying a delicious glass of wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Make sure the wine you choose supports your wellness and lifestyle goals.

Learn how to get these delicious natural wines shipped to your door. Don’t give-up wine, game-up the wine you are drinking.

Scout and Cellar. And they have something for everyone – whether it’s dietary restrictions, or seeking low alcohol or non-alcoholic choices.

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