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It’s Never too Late to Get Fired Up & Fierce about Your Future

There’s still time to grab your power and live life on your own terms.

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I’m happy to share a guest post today from Jennifer Embery. Jennifer is sharing her story of how she seized her power and created the life that was right for her. Are you reinventing your life in midlife? Let us know in the comments!

My story begins a loooong time ago when, as a young child, I got the impression that I was powerless.  Looking back, it wasn’t just an impression…it was real. And not in the “you’re just a kid” way. My childhood was very chaotic.

That’s another post for another day.  

As a result, I spent most of my life seeking my power…in all the wrong places.  Ok, not all wrong.  But a lot of them.  I thought I needed to follow a certain path and if I was successful, that meant I had my power.

I tried college a few times.  I tried marriage a few times. (Don’t judge…I’m still in the third one.)

I landed a job as a teller at a Fortune 100 financial institution in my early 20s.  I was going to do it until I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Turns out I was good at corporate stuff.  I rose up into leadership and had a team I loved.  I made a six-figure salary, had great benefits, and was the breadwinner for my family.  I believed I’d finally found my power.

But 23 years into that career, I had a manager that…how shall I put it…well, she enabled me to see that I had no power.  Zippo, zero, zilch on the power front.  

Felt like a punch in the gut for a bit.  I knew I was old enough that it would be tricky to get an equivalent job anywhere…especially without a degree (that would have been 25 years old).  I was flyover age.

Candidly, I was miserable by this point in my career.  Cry-at-work miserable. No kidding – I’d hide in a conference room…and cry.  I spent much of my energy trying to make this all ok. To resign myself to the life I’d created. To settle.  

Turns out, I’m not a settler.  24 years, to the day, after starting with the company I left.  I am certain most of my former colleagues (and many of my personal relationships) thought I’d lost my mind.  I don’t blame them…I have a family and, like I said, I was the main financial support.

But maybe I had…lost the mind that kept me tied with golden handcuffs.  People would ask “how can you do this?” and I would think ‘how can you NOT?’

Here’s how it all started…(if this were a tv show, you’d see that weird wiggly screen that lets you know it’s either a dream sequence or a flashback):

About 3 ½ years ago, a friend of mine told me she was going to a day-long retreat called Women of Wisdom and Wellness.  She asked me to join her. I said ‘no thanks’. I didn’t want to go to some woo-woo day with a bunch of strangers. She was very convincing, so I ended up going.  

I didn’t know it at the time, but that was a fateful decision.

Two of the facilitators were coaches.  I’d never thought of hiring a coach (or even known much about them besides some vague awareness that Tony Robbins is one).

Later that year, I ended up hiring them both.  Through the growth I gained by working with them, I realized my calling was to be a coach.  I decided to get certified and do it as a side-hustle. I thought of it as my bonus retirement plan.  I’d finish my corporate career at retirement age and then coach…because I LOVE it.

Back to present time…(imagine wiggly screen again).

Best laid plans, right?

Fortunately, in the years between then and now, I spent many (MANY) hours after the kids went to bed working on the infrastructure of what would become my retirement business.  It was amazing because I was not ever tired when working on the coaching business. It energized me.

I learned how to build a website.  I took business classes and coaching classes and marketing classes and technical stuff classes.  I started to use my corporate experience in my coaching business. I built an online coaching program.  I created a group coaching bootcamp. I had some public speaking gigs. I had booths at women’s expos. I learned so much…and not all of it the easy way.

I can’t really count how many times I said “I’m never doing this again as soon as I can afford to pay someone else to do it” or “Crap…this was so much easier to pull off with a team of people working for me” or “Maybe I have lost my mind!  Who am I to think I can pull this off??”

I am a woman who has found her power.  

I worked for it.  It didn’t come easy.  It’s been scary…no, at times terrifying.  It’s been exciting. It’s been oh-so-educating.  

It took a while for me to shake the corporate fear and I had to come to terms with not being at the top of my game in my profession.  I went from being an award-winning leader to a rookie entrepreneur.

Talk about a shock to the system.  That had me looking at corporate job sites for a while.  We could survive on half my former income…surely.

I kept my vision alive through it all…I didn’t go back.  

I now wake up every day knowing I get to do something that not only makes a difference but is also something I absolutely love.  

Here’s the deal, though.  I’m not exceptional.

Hear me, please…this next part is important.  

There’s nothing that makes me any more impressive than you.  I learned my courage. I changed my mindset. What I know is that a mid-life transformation is totally within reach for any woman who puts her mind to it.  

Any change you desire is possible if you learn how to control your brain and energy rather than let them control you.  It’s scientific.

If you could live your best life…what would that be?  Now go get it.

The best is yet to come, sisters!

About Jennifer


Jennifer is a speaker, empowerment coach, and writer who helps women over 40 rediscover who they are, determine their ideal future, and design a plan and path to that future.  After over 20 years as a leader (and working mom) in corporate America, Jennifer made the (scary but amazing) transition to her own life on purpose.  It is now her life’s work to help other women take action & get traction so they can stop going through the motions and become fired up & fierce about their life.  Click here to read more of her work.

Connect with Jennifer:

Facebook | Jenniferembery.com



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