Five of My Favorite Midlife Blogs

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Post Update: Since I wrote this post, I’ve been compiling a list of all the midlife blogs I’ve come across. If you like this list, then you’ll love my comprehensive directory of midlife blogs. Enjoy!

I started Midlife Rambler because I follow an assortment of blogs on a regular basis that I enjoy a great deal and one day I realized that I am a good 20-30 years older than every single one of the bloggers I like to read. “Aha!” thinks I. Surely there are other women in the world like me: women who enjoy cooking and eating, fitness and beauty tips, crafts, Pinterest and other Mommy-blog type interests, but who are maybe just a little too old to be interested in the actual kid stuff anymore? Maybe instead we’d all like to talk about how our kids are growing up and moving away and how our bodies seem to be changing in unpleasant and unfamiliar ways. I will start the very first of this type of blog!

Later, I became familiar with some of the uses of a new tool called Google and discovered that there’s a whole host of women (and some men) out there with thoughtful, entertaining blogs aimed at those of us in midlife. I was humbled that I had been so ignorant before and I’m hopeful there’s room for one more voice in the mix. I’ve been expanding my horizons in very pleasant ways over the past few months and I think you’ll enjoy some of the people I’ve had the pleasure of discovering.

  1. I found Midlife Mixtape after I set up Midlife Rambler and thankfully so, because I wouldn’t have had the guts to even start my own blog if I had found if beforehand. I certainly wouldn’t have called my blog Midlife Rambler, which is, ironically, a pun on the name of a Rolling Stone’s song. Every time I read Nancy Davis Kho’s blog, I have to fight the temptation to just copy everything she writes, particularly a recent entry, A History of My Life, in Haircuts.
  2. Still more proof that it might have been a good idea to google blogs with the name “Midlife” in them can be found at Midlife Chic. As it turns out, there’s actually quite the community of stylish middle-aged women online, particularly on Instagram, but I think Nikki Garnett is my favorite. My fantasy is that one day I will go to Britain for a tax-deductible trip (because I blog about it) where she styles me, perhaps in something like one of these Casual Outfits for a Bank Holiday Weekend. Then we’ll sit around and have tea and talk about the bank holiday weekend.
  3. Time Goes By is actually for people a little beyond midlife and proudly so, which I kinda love. I love the whole thing, but especially the Elder Music section. A recent column, Toes Up for the First Half of 2015 was a charming recap of who’s died so far this year. You’ll want to keep track of that, you know. And remember, folks, blogs are little first amendment machines. I love that.
  4. Empty House, Full Mind is a series a thoughtful essays about a variety of subjects: the challenges of living with adult children, racism, marriage, etc. I always enjoy reading Sharon Greenthal’s take on her topics. Sharon is also responsible for Midlife Boulevard, which is more of a magazine site, with multiple authors. There’s always something of interest here and most of the authors have their own blogs so if you like someone’s style, you can follow them on their own blog.
  5. Finally, I recently found Next Act for Women, which is full of inspirational stories of women over 50 who are out there doing it for themselves. I loved this recent post about Patti Sherry-Crews , who wrote her first book at 50 and has since written 8 more. I better get cracking!

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