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My Top Five Instagrammers to Follow for Midlife Style Inspiration

In my last post, I showed five amazing women who are still rocking amazing style into their 60s and beyond. But those looks are pretty aspirational for me, what I want to look like when I finally grow up and feel free to be wild. However, if I’m looking for style inspiration I can use now, there are tons of incredible women in their 40s and 50s on Instagram showing me just what I could achieve if I would only try once in a while.

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I love following these woman because while I can match my shirt to my pants, that’s about the extent of it. These women have grasped the part of style that’s always eluded me: what shoes to wear, how to add a scarf, the benefits of changing your purse more than once every five years when it finally falls apart. They inspire me to up my own fashion game.

Here’s a list of five of my favorites; there’s tons more!



A photo posted by Beth Djalali (@styleatacertainage) on

I love Beth Djalali’s simple, classic beautifully accessorized outfits. It’s like she takes the clothes I have in my closet already and shows me how they could really look awesome if I just added a scarf or cool pumps. The beauty of her Instagram feed is that I get to see which scarf and which cool pumps.




A photo posted by poppysstyle (@poppysstyle) on

If @styleatacertainage is the older sister showing me how to do the classics with flare, then my fellow Atlantan @poppysstyle is the friend encouraging me to wear the outfit I think I’m “too old for” by saying “Sure you can! After all, look at me, I can pull it off. Don’t I look amazing?” And she always does.



A photo posted by Kat (@doesmybumlook40) on

I really should hate Kat of doesmybumlook40 because no, her bum does not look 40. It looks 19. But I love her style, which is classic with an edge and I love her attitude, which is a mix of life-loving optimism and wine-loving realism.



I’m starting to see a trend here; apparently I’m all about classic style with a twist. Jess Jannenga’s twist is that she favors lots of bright colors and patterns which always intimidate me. I’m all about the neutrals. I enjoy reading her blog as well where she features lots of stylish midlife women.



A photo posted by Avril (@schoolgatestyle) on

Check out those shoes! And how her jeans are artfully rolled up, which is what my daughter is always telling me I need to do. And the trench coat, something my daughter would also love. I love everything about this outfit.


Well, I’m off to try on everything in my closet and then purchase some artful accessories. You can check out my transformation on Instagram at @katykozee. Wish me luck!

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Katy Kozee | Midlife Rambler
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