Session Sangria for Summer Drinking – Crisp, White Wine Sangria

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Do you ever hear a word for the first time and then suddenly it’s everywhere? That happened to me last summer when I read this post about session cocktails. I’d never heard of “session” cocktails or beers – lower alcohol cocktails or beers that you can drink without worrying so much about the alcohol content – until I read that post and then the very next evening a friend mentioned several new session beers he had been enjoying.



Since then, it seems like I’ve been seeing the term everywhere and I’m totally onboard with this trend, particularly in summer when it’s nice to have something light and crisp to drink without feeling bloated or draggy afterwards.


We had a cookout over the Fourth and I wanted a crisp and cool cocktail option to serve our guests (any myself) to help us all beat the brutal heat, but I also wanted a choice that is lower in alcohol and calories because I’m still diligently on my Nutrisystem plan and I didn’t want to totally break my diet with a high-calorie cocktail.

I ended up serving this white wine sangria – cool and fruity, but with the sweetness and fizz provided by diet Ginger Ale, rather than the champagne or other liquors you might normally see in a traditional sangria. The result drew several compliments from my guests and I enjoyed having something to drink that was a little more special than a lite beer, but still kept the calorie count down. Try it for your next get together or just the next time you want to sit back and relax outside with a drink. I know I’ll be keeping this in heavy rotation this summer.



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