The Ultimate Amazon Capsule Wardrobe [2022]

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This capsule wardrobe features stylish business casuals basics you can wear year-round. Because everything goes together perfectly, you have tons of outfit choices from just 15 pieces (plus 3 pairs of shoes.)  And every piece is reasonably priced - most of the pieces are under $50. 
The Ultimate Amazon Capsule Wardrobe [2022] 2

So, it finally looks like many of us are returning the office. I’m still mostly working from home, so still work most days wearing pieces from the stylish and comfortable work from home wardrobe that I put together last year.

However, I’m also looking ahead to putting together some pieces that will work well in an office environment. I’m having more opportunities to meet with people in their offices and unfortunately, my favorite yoga pants still aren’t appropriate office attire.

(But, read on, because I found a pair of work pants that fit and feel like your favorite yoga pants!)

So, I put together a business casual capsule wardrobe for returning to the office.

The Perfect Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

I have high standards for anything I get for my Business Capsule Wardrobe. After all, I’ve been spoiled by all my time at home. I can no longer work in clothes that are too tight, or itchy, or fussy. Everything has to be comfortable, and because I still mostly work from home, I don’t want to spend too much money either.

Here’s my idea of the perfect business casual capsule wardrobe.

  • It needs to be a true capsule wardrobe. I’ve gotten rid of almost everything that I didn’t wear on a regular basis over the last couple of years and I don’t want to start filling up my closet again with a bunch of clothes I wear only occasionally.
  • Similarly, I need pieces that can work year-round. I don’t like having to store out of season clothes. I need basics that I can layer or not depending on the weather.
  • I need clothes that I can dress up or down and that can be used to make a variety of outfits so I don’t look the same every day.
  • I need everything to be comfortable but also look neat and professional.
  • I want to add quality pieces to my closet, but I don’t want to spend more than I need to.

So, of course, I immediately thought of Amazon! I’ve been buying more and more items of clothing from Amazon lately and I’ve been pleased with both the quality of the pieces I’ve been getting and how reasonably every item is priced.

Amazon has a great selection of business casual basics at great prices. You can easily build a stylish, reasonably priced work wardrobe from the items they have available.

So I set out to do just that. In anticipation of returning to office life, I’ve created a versatile capsule wardrobe. This capsule wardrobe is built around mostly basics you can wear year-round. But, I’ve thrown in a bit of style with the leopard print shirt and a pop of color with the yellow cardigan.

I’m also including three great pairs of shoes to go along with this wardrobe and the absolute perfect tote for work (and it’s under $15!).

Year-round Amazon Capsule Wardrobe pieces

Amazon Capsule Wardrobe Outfit Suggestions

Outfits you can make with the year-round Amazon Business Capsule Wardrobe

I’m showing twelve sample outfit combinations above for inspiration, but the possibilities are endless with these pieces. How would you wear them? Which piece or outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

If you’ve read any of my other fashion posts, you know I’m a sucker for a Breton Tee. You can wear it on casual Friday with jeans and sneakers and pair it under a suit when you want something a bit more casual that a stiff blouse.

Here, I’m dressing it up a bit with the paper-bag waist pants, but keeping things comfortable and casual with the loafers and soft sweater.

The Breton Tee also shines in more casual outfits. Wear this on a Casual Friday and the moto jacket and suede booties will show your colleagues that you mean business about the upcoming weekend.

These booties might look too intimidating to wear for a full work day. But they are from Clark’s, the shoe brand specializing in comfort. The whole bootie is heavily padded to support your feet and keep them comfortable even after a full day’s wear.

Here, the moto jacket and booties are giving a bit of a stylish edge to what would otherwise be a pretty dull outfit. The weather in Tennessee is pretty temperate so I can wear this light jacket almost year-round. It also looks much more expensive than you would expect from a jacket less than $100.

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Swap out the moto jacket and black sheath for a boyfriend blazer and fitted white shirt and you’ve got the outfit you’ll wear anytime you need an extra boost of professional confidence.

This boyfriend blazer dresses up every outfit from leggings and a tee to a simple dress or skirt and blouse. It’s one of my most worn items!

I own this sweater in multiple colors! I love wearing it around the house with yoga pants and a t-shirt because it’s so soft and cozy. This outfit is basically a work appropriate version of the sweater with yoga pants and a tee. After all, these pants are basically yoga pants. They have over 1700 glowing reviews raving about how comfortable they are and they come in a variety of lengths so you can pick the length that’s right for you. As a woman of 5’8″, I very much appreciate that you can get these pants in a longer length.

Outfit #6: Fitted White Shirt, Long Sweater, Girlfriend Jeans

The Ultimate Amazon Capsule Wardrobe [2022] 8

Lightweight Longer Length Cardigan Sweater // Button Front Fitted White Shirt // Mid-Rise Girlfriend Cropped Jean // Pebbled Vegan Leather Tassel Tote // Nude Low Heel Pointed Toe Pumps

Here’s another take on a Casual Friday outfit with the sweater, tote, and nude pumps dressing up the girlfriend jeans and tailored white shirt. These jeans are the only item of clothing with an actual waistband and zipper, but the fit is still roomy and comfortable.

These are the only pants I’m showing that have a zipper but the cut is roomy and relaxed. These jeans are a great option for office wear since they are neat, fit nicely, and don’t have distressed elements like so many jeans now.

The Ultimate Amazon Capsule Wardrobe [2022] 9

And here’s a slight variation! This is the outfit to wear on a day when you need to Get. Things. Done. The paper-bag waist pants, cardigan and flats keep things comfy and the crisp white shirt says “I’m a professional everybody!”

Every woman looks good in a fitted, white button front shirt and this shirt is a particular favorite of mine. It holds its shape nicely after multiple wears, plus the tailoring accents your waist and looks neat and professional.

I have a few pieces I turn to when I want to feel confident and professional, and a pencil skirt is one of my main go-tos. I defy anyone to not feel a little bit badass in this classic skirt.

The elastic waist also means it’s the perfect piece for a return-to-work wardrobe because you can ease back into the workforce with a professional piece that feels as comfy as your beloved sweats.

This skirt also shines with my beloved Breton Tee. I’m dressing up this outfit with the nude pumps, but it would also look great with the loafers. The nude pumps elevate any outfit. The heel is sturdy so you can still walk gracefully and the insoles are beautifully padded to offer support and comfort all day long.

This midi skirt is in a floral print that reads like a neutral so you can wear year-round. The midi length is flattering and easy to wear. The booties and blazer make the skirt look polished and professional.

Swap out the black accents for a yellow sweater, tailored shirt, and nude pumps and you’ve got a vibrant outfit that will turn heads when you walk in the room.

Outfit #11: Classic Wrap Dress & Nude Heels

The Ultimate Amazon Capsule Wardrobe [2022] 14

Classic Cap Sleeve Wrap Dress // Nude Low Heel Pointed Toe Pumps

I love a good wrap dress for several reasons. For starters, they’re flattering to almost every body type.

If you tend to be straight up and down, like me, a wrap dress adds the illusion of curves. If you’re naturally more curvy, a wrap dress accents your curves and shows off just how beautiful a curvy body can be.

Plus, can getting ready be any simpler than throwing on a dress and tying it? I really don’t see how. This dress is only $40.00 but looks and feels like a dress that costs at least $100 more. (And if it’s out of stock, this dress is a good alternative.)

More proof that every wardrobe needs a good wrap dress. Add a blazer and booties and you’ve got an entirely different outfit.

Want More Amazon Fashion?

I’m such a fan of getting my wardrobe from Amazon, I tried out their new personal stylist program. Here are the pieces I received from my Amazon Personal Stylist and my thoughts about the program.

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