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About Midlife Rambler

Midlife Rambler speaks to the needs of women aged 45-55. These women are at an exciting point in their lives. Freed from the day-to-day constraints of raising children and with careers that will be winding down in a few years, they’re looking forward to the second half of their lives and are excited about new opportunities ahead.

These women are also powerful consumers:

  • They are the primary shoppers for their household, which can include college-aged and young adult children as well as aging parents.
  • They are the main decision-maker for all household purchases and travel decisions.
  • The love online shopping, spending an average of four to six hours shopping online each week.

Midlife Rambler readers want to lead their best life and are always looking for resources to help achieve their goal. That’s where Midlife Rambler comes in. We talk about the day-to-day concerns and dreams of midlife women: planning your next act, parenting young adults, saving for retirement. And we cover the fun stuff too: travel, hobbies, redecorating that empty nest, and looking great as we age.

Midlife Rambler is a great way for your product or business to reach Gen-X and Boomer women. Over 97% of our readers are women and over 50% are between the ages of 45-65. An additional 38% of our readership are women between 25 and 45. Good content brings in readers of all ages.

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About Nicole

Nicole, author of Midlife Rambler

Nicole is passionate about giving women over 40 everything they need to know to live their very best life. You’ll love Midlife Rambler’s community of fun, feisty women.

This is the place where we finally get to focus (just a little) on ourselves and talking about all the things we enjoy: fashion, beauty, travel, entertaining, family, and planning an exciting future for the next phase of our lives.

She and her husband live in Tampa, Florida with their son and two goofy dogs.

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Opportunities Available

  • Advertising & Site Sponsorship: Midlife Rambler accepts advertising from blogs or companies that appeal to the needs of Gen-X women. Contact for pricing information.
  • Sponsored Posts or Series: Sponsor an in-depth post on your topic of choice. Unlike typical sponsored posts, we strive for evergreen content that will be shared on Facebook and Pinterest. (Note: we disclose all sponsored posts to our audience and we require all links in sponsored posts to be “NOFOLLOW” in compliance with Google guidelines.)
  • Other Opportunities: We’ll happy to work with your content on original ideas and “out of the box” thinking. Reach out to for more information.

I always give full disclosure of all forms of paid advertising and giveaways.