Vessel Health Review Heading

Vessel Health Review: A New Home Wellness Tracker

We’ve got a new wellness tracker in the house, thanks to our friends at Vessel. Here are my honest thoughts on this device after using it for several weeks. Plus, I’ve got a promo code you can use to save 15% on your first month with the service.

Self-Compassion Quotes

50 Self-Compassion Quotes and Affirmations to Remind You to Love Yourself

These self-compassion quotes and affirmations for self-compassion can help you remember to show yourself the same grace and acceptance you show to everyone you love in your life. Self-compassion is a powerful tool for personal healing so pick your favorite quotes to print and place somewhere you can see them every day. You can download each quote or affirmation individually or download a free printable of all the self-compassion quotes and affirmations at the end of this post.