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How to Use a Habit Tracker to Create New Habits

A Habit Tracker helps form new habits by giving you a way to record when you’ve performed your habit. You can use a habit tracker to track daily, weekly, or monthly habits. Here’s how to use a Habit Tracker to more easily form new habits and how to get your own free Habit Tracker printable.

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15 Tips to More Easily Form New Habits

Learn how to more easily form new habits with the help of these 15 habit for. This article shows how to start a new habit and how to make new positive habits stick. You’ll learn what really defines a habit, the difference between a habit and a goal, how long it really takes to form a habit, the changes you need to make in yourself for your habit to be successful, how to hack the habit loop to successfully start a daily habit, what type of habit accountability will work for you, the loopholes you need to watch out for, and how to recover if you have problems following your new habit. Plus, you can download a free, printable habit tracker to help you track your progress as you form your new habit.