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Nicole, author of Midlife Rambler

Welcome to Midlife Rambler. I’m Nicole. I’m a recent re-transplant to the city of Tampa, Florida – a city I truly love. I grew up in the area but also spent a decade in the Midwest and then Atlanta, Georgia. But at heart, I’m a southern girl through and through.

I started Midlife Rambler because I like reading so many of the great lifestyle blogs out there written by all the creative 20- and 30-somethings of the world – but I wished I had something to read that was a little more focused on the interests and needs of women my age or a bit older.

Women over 40 seem to be under-represented and it can be difficult to find places on the Internet that speak to us and value us. Women at midlife are entering a new phase of our lives: a phase where we (mostly) stop focusing on raising our children and starting planning our next act. What will that look like? What do we even want anyway?

So I decided to create Midlife Rambler, which focuses on fun stuff like recipes, style, fitness, hobbies and travel, but also talks about issues we’re all facing these days: hot flashes, children who are grown up or almost there, settling back into a smaller household, and trying to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Midlife Rambler was originally founded by Katy Kozee, an empty nester with three grown children. And you’ll still find many of her

If you’re new to Midlife Rambler, here are some of the posts that people are enjoying:

I’m excited about the journey ahead for us all and I hope to share it with you. Until then-

keep on ramblin'

P.S. I love working with brands that support midlife women. If we seem like a good fit, check out my Advertising and Brand Guidelines for more information.

If you would like to contact me (and I hope you do!), simply send an e-mail to nicole@midliferambler.com and I’ll respond right away.