About Me

Hi and welcome to Midlife Rambler. I’m Katy. I live in the beautiful southern city of Atlanta, Georgia, which means that each and every time it snows 1 inch or more, I will post no less than 40 pictures exclaiming about the beauty.

Sledding in the Atlanta Snow

Sledding in one inch of Atlanta snow

I have 3 children: Ben, a musician; Alex, a college student; and Charlotte, a college freshman in New York. After close to 25 years with children at home, I am now an empty nester.

Mom, kids, lizard

The lizard is no relation

In 2013, I married my sweet, sweet husband. So, I’m an inappropriately old newlywed who inappropriately wore a white wedding dress and I’m very happy about all that.

My Wedding Photo

It was a lovely day

I started Midlife Rambler because I like reading so many of the great lifestyle blogs out there written by all the creative 30-somethings of the world but I wished I had something to read that was a little more focused on the interests and needs of women my age. 

So I decided to create Midlife Rambler, which will focus on fun stuff like recipes, style, fitness, hobbies and books, but will also talk about issues we’re all facing these days: hot flashes, children who are grown up or almost there, setting back into a smaller household, and trying to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life.

I’m excited about the journey ahead of me and I hope to share it with you. Until then, 

keep on ramblin'

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