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Vessel Health Review: A New Home Wellness Tracker

We’ve got a new wellness tracker in the house, thanks to our friends at Vessel. Here are my honest thoughts on this device after using it for several weeks. Plus, I’ve got a promo code you can use to save 15% on your first month with the service.

15 Best Free Workout Videos on Youtube Header

Work Out for Free at Home with These 15 YouTube Workout Videos

You can find some of the best workout videos on YouTube for free no matter what kind of workout you like to do: zumba, yoga, dance, kickboxing, whatever! Don’t believe me? Check out this list of 15 great YouTube workout videos and see if you don’t find a video that you’ll be putting in heavy rotation for your next at home workout.

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10 Tips to Finally Get in Shape After 50

You can get in shape after 50 even if you’ve never been fit before. These tips can show you how to get back in shape after 50 and put you on a path to transforming your body. Learn how to determine the best workout to get you back in shape. You can get fit even if you’re over 50!

Real Talk About Menopause

Real Talk About Menopause

Let’s have some real talk about menopause.  Too many of us (including myself) don’t fully understand what’s happening when we’re going through perimenopause and menopause … Read more