My At-Home Fitness Obsession: Silver&Fit

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If you follow me on Instagram or follow Midlife Rambler on Facebook, then you know I’ve been working with Silver&Fit since the beginning of the year to help get the word out about their online fitness classes. I’ve been taking their online fitness classes regularly since the beginning of the year, so I’ve been able to try a variety of classes.

Today I hopped on YouTube at lunch for one of my favorite Silver&Fit classes: Intermediate Cardio with Penny. Penny often leads her classes out by (what I assume is) her beautiful pool in sunny Arizona and I love getting a dose of virtual sunshine, especially during the many rainy days we had in Nashville this winter.

Penny from Silver&Fit teaching Intermediate Cardio out by her lovely pool
Penny teaching Intermediate Cardio out by her lovely pool

If you’ve been wanting to add some more fitness options to your routine, I know you’ll love the Silver&Fit classes too. Here are just a few things I loved about today’s Cardio Class with Penny.

So many classes taught live! 

Silver&Fit offers nine live classes, six days a week on both Facebook and YouTube. I’ve started just turning on their channel during the day when I want a little activity and catching a few minutes of whatever’s streaming live. It’s a great way to add a little variety and to sample a class to see if I want to take the full class later.

I know from the comments I see on Facebook that many people love to tune in and take their favorite class live on a regular schedule. It does feel like you have a closer connection with your instructor when you know they’re also working out at the same time.

Just look at how many options they offer!

Silver&Fit class schedule

I can take a full class of my choice whenever I want.

In addition to their live classes, Silver&Fit has  some of their classes available on-demand whenever you want. I’ve started tuning in for a quick 30-minute cardio class with Penny at lunch or during the afternoon when my energy flags.

I’m learning new skills – and getting better every time!

I’ve gotten obsessed with the cardio classes because the classes are very dance-oriented. I was a huge fan of the cardio dance classes I used to take way back when and Penny’s classes remind me of those classes. When I first started, I was so awkward and uncoordinated but I’ve been able to see how I’ve gotten better as I’ve taken more classes.

By the way, did you know that, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, dancing can improve your cognitive ability and reduce your chance of dementia? Silver&Fit also offers a variety of more traditional dance classes in addition to their cardio classes.

No one is watching me.

Like most people, I don’t like looking awkward and uncoordinated in front of a crowd. Knowing that I’m at home and that no one will see if I look silly gives me the confidence to try new classes that I might be too intimidated to take in person.

The instructors are relatable and approachable.

I’m no longer motivated by following a class led by a woman with a body I can never even hope to achieve performing moves I can barely keep up with. (If I ever really was.) I love that the Silver&Fit instructors look like me and offer so much encouragement. It really feels like I’m working out with a good friend.

Classes are available for a variety of fitness levels.

I also really like that classes are broken down into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. I can select the level that’s right for me and follow along without trying to keep up with the modifications for my fitness level.

I started with Beginner Cardio for my first few classes and then moved up to Intermediate Cardio once I felt comfortable. I feel good at the Intermediate level and I like knowing that the Advanced level is waiting for me when I feel ready.

Classes aren’t too long or too short.

Each Silver&Fit class is 30 minutes long, which I love because they are long enough for me to feel like I got in a good workout, but not so long that I get bored halfway through. I also find that I tend to take a half-hour class on a more regular basis. It just feels easier to stop for a quick 30-minute exercise break, rather than taking a full hour for a class. 

Each class costs – wait for it – nothing!

That’s right. The Silver&Fit classes are all completely free on Facebook and YouTube. I can take a variety of classes without having to pay a penny. I really can’t imagine why I would ever pay to take online exercise classes when I have so much available through Silver&Fit for free.

If you’re interested in seeing what Silver&Fit has to offer…

Check them out on Facebook or YouTube. And let me know your favorite classes!

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