Athflow – The Fashion Trend You’re Going to Love

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What is Athflow? It’s the newest fashion trend and you’re going to love it. Here’s how to get your own Athflow style and tons of Athflow outfit ideas.

Athflow Heading Image

Last year at this time, the world changed dramatically for most of us. The ritual of getting up and putting on an elaborate work outfit every day vanished overnight. Instead, many of us spent the last year wearing some version of leggings and t-shirts.

This year, though, the world is starting to open up a bit and, as the vaccine becomes more available, there’s a sense of optimism that our lives may soon become a bit more normal.

I’m looking forward to a world where I get to go a few more places than just my regular trip to the grocery store. In anticipation of that development, I recently purchased a few new items to update my wardrobe for Spring and Summer 2021 and noticed a new trend in clothing everywhere I looked.

The new trend is called Athflow and it’s very much influenced both by the comfortable clothing we’ve been wearing at home and by a renewed sense of optimism. I’m sharing today some of my favorite elements of athflow fashion and ways to style these pieces.

Everything works really well together, too, so you can update your wardrobe just by adding a few items to the clothes you already own.

What the Heck is Athflow Anyway?

Collage of Athflow Clothes

Athflow describes clothing influenced by athleisure basics but elevated with a flowy style, soft fabrics, and co-ordinated pieces.

If there’s one lesson from the past year we’ve learned it’s this: life can be tough so clothes should be comfortable. We need clothes that act as self-care: relaxed silhouettes, calming colors, and just a hint of elegance to make us feel pretty.

Everything I’m sharing in this post is comfortable, calming and flattering. Everything is designed to boost your happiness and elevate your mood. One might say all these clothes are very hygge and I think that’s something we all need right now.

Athflow Trend #1: Matching Loungewear

Collage Image of the Athflow Trend of Matching Loungewear

Tank // Pants // Sweater // Metallic Layered Necklace // Shimmer Hoop Earrings // Grosgrain Lace Up Sneaker

This matching tank and flowy pants from Loft is the perfect example of an athflow outfit. They’re basically day pajamas; perfect for a laid-back work-at-home day. But, the fabric and styling elevate the outfit from pajamas to an easy outfit suitable for work and leisure.

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The matching pieces can be worn together for an easy outfit when you just don’t want to even think or split up to work with other pieces in your wardrobe.

The high-neck tank is elegant and appropriate for Zoom meetings, especially if you accessorize it with a statement necklace. Need to run a quick errand? Throw on a pair of loafers and a jean jacket and you’re good to go!

How I’m Styling the Matching Tank and Pajama Pants

Athflow - The Fashion Trend You're Going to Love 2
  1. Tank // Pants // Slides // Earrings
  2. Tank // Pants // Jean Jacket // Loafers // Necklace // Earrings
  3. Sweater // Pants // Sneakers // Necklace // Earrings
  4. Tank // Leggings // Jean Jacket // Sneakers

Athflow Trend #2: Muted Neutral Colors

Collage image of Athflow Outfit with Muted Neutral Colors

Sweater // Jeans // Belt // Shoes // Necklace // Earrings

One Athflow trend I’m seeing everywhere is the use of muted colors, often in shades of white, cream, and earth tones such as green and brown. This is one of the biggest changes I’ve seen in fashion recently. Normally, spring brings the advent of bright colors to our wardrobe but this year we’re all enjoying the calming influence of more muted colors.

It’s even ok to bring out the white jeans before Memorial Day! I’ve been wearing my white jeans with a cream sweater or other earth tones, like you see below.

How I’m Styling My White Jeans

Collage of White Jeans Styled Different Ways
  1. Sweater // White Jeans // Slides // Necklace
  2. Sweater Jacket // Sweater // White Jeans // Leopard Calf-Hair Flats (similar)
  3. Jean Jacket // Chambray Tunic // White Jeans // Sneakers
  4. Jean Jacket // Ruffle Hem Tee // White Jeans // Loafers // Necklace

Athflow Trend #3: Neutral Slides

Collage image of athflow neutral slides for Spring 2021
  1. Charles by Charles David Women’s Deploy Summer Wedge Sandal
  2. Vionic Women’s Palm Roni Slide Sandal
  3. Women’s Coco Two Band Slide Sandals
  4. find. Women’s Asymmetric Toe-Thong Flat Sandals
  5. Mid-Heel Leather Mule
  6. Chinese Laundry Women’s Yippy Heeled Sandal

Sneakers are still big, but adding a pair of slides in a neutral color like cream or beige will elevate almost any outfit from super-casual to sophisticated. But we’re still keeping things comfortable with shoes you literally just have to slide on.

These shoes look great as flats or with a heel.

Athflow Trend #4: Oversized Shirt

Athflow - The Fashion Trend You're Going to Love 3

Chambray Tunic // Sculpting Leggings // Open Front Cardigan // Earrings // Bracelet // Loafers

The Athflow vibe is all about keeping things loose, casual, and flowy and an oversized shirt is the perfect way to step up from the t-shirts we’ve all been favoring to something a little dressier, but still comfortable.

This chambray tunic from Loft is buttery soft and light but still looks put together.

How I’m Styling My Oversized Chambray Shirt

Athflow - The Fashion Trend You're Going to Love 4
  1. Sweater Jacket // Chambray Tunic // Jeans // Booties
  2. Chambray Tunic // Leggings // Slides
  3. Jean Jacket // Chambray Tunic // White Jeans // Sneakers
  4. Chambray Tunic // Wide Leg Pants // Sneakers

Athflow Trend #5: Sweater Jackets

Athflow - The Fashion Trend You're Going to Love 5

Jumpsuit // Sweater Jacket // Earrings // Necklace // Loafers

A regular jacket looks too formal when when everyone knows you’re at home on a Zoom call. But it’s still nice to dress up your look when you have a meeting. A sweater jacket adds a professional layer to your outfit without looking too overdone and it looks sharper than a regular cardigan.

How I’m Styling My Sweater Jacket

Athflow - The Fashion Trend You're Going to Love 6
  1. Sweater Jacket // Chambray Tunic // Jeans // Booties
  2. Sweater Jacket // Sweater // White Jeans // Leopard Calf-Hair Flats (similar)
  3. Sweater Jacket // Ruffle Hem Tee // Wide Leg Pants // Nude Pumps (similar)
  4. Sweater Jacket // Sweater // Leggings // Loafers // Necklace
  5. Sweater Jacket // Ruffle Hem Tee // White Jeans // Loafers // Necklace

Athflow Trend #6: Leggings are Pants

Athflow - The Fashion Trend You're Going to Love 7

Hoodie Sweater // Tie-Front Tee // Leggings // Scarf // Ankle Boots

That’s right, I’m declaring officially that leggings can be considered to be pants and be worn almost any place you wish to wear them.

The leggings I’m speaking of aren’t thin or designed with elaborate cutouts, though. Instead, they’re made of thick, quality material that flatters your body and work as a pair of sleek, tailored pants.

Also, the details count when you’re using leggings as part of an outfit. Adding a pair of slides, loafers, or crisp white sneakers makes your leggings look less sloppy than putting on a pair of running shoes. A jacket or sweater helps dress up leggings too.

How I’m Styling My Leggings Outfits

Athflow - The Fashion Trend You're Going to Love 8
  1. Tie-Dye Sweatshirt // Leggings // Sneakers
  2. Sweater Jacket // Sweater // Leggings // Loafers // Necklace
  3. Tank // Leggings // Jean Jacket // Sneakers
  4. Chambray Tunic // Leggings // Slides

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