25 Amazon Wedding Dresses Perfect for a Second Wedding

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These wedding dresses from Amazon are perfect for a second wedding, especially if you're an older bride. You can have the wedding  gown of your dreams without spending a lot of money!

I spent a little time today updating an older post on Midlife Rambler, How to Plan the Perfect Second Wedding Over 40. I share in the post how I planned my dream second wedding with tons of inspiration from Pinterest.

If you’re currently planning your own wedding as an older bride, I know you’ll get tons of ideas and inspiration for your own event. Check it out!

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As I was updating the post, I become nostalgic for my own wedding dress. It’s a pity we can only wear them once, isn’t it? I didn’t wear a long white dress in my first wedding so it was nice to finally live that dream for one day, even if I was over 50.

I loved the dress all the more because I barely spent any money on it. I was a budget-conscious bride and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a dress that I’d wear only once.

So I got my dress from the clearance rack at David’s Bridal and then added a few extra touches, such as a vintage sweater and handmade sash, to make it special and personalized to me.

25 Amazon Wedding Dresses Perfect for a Second Wedding 3

However, if I were planning my wedding today, I’d probably get my wedding dress from Amazon. There are so many beautiful and affordable options there now and I love the idea of trying them on in your own home where you can take some time to make sure you’ve picked the right choice for you.

How to Buy a Wedding Dress from Amazon

There are a few caveats you need to be aware of, though, if you’re planning on buying your wedding dress from Amazon. The wedding dresses available on the site are generally offered from third-party sellers so you can’t order a dress and assume you’re going to get the two-day shipping and free returns you normally expect from Amazon Prime.

Here are some things you need to check about any dress you’re considering on purchasing from Amazon.

Check the Sizing

Many of the wedding dresses on Amazon are made in China (like much of the clothes you buy at the store now) and sizing can be smaller than you expect. Be sure and check the sizing chart to determine what size you need to order; you may need to go up a size (or two).

And, of course, take your accurate measurements before you order. Most listings have a chart showing you where to measure.

image showing where to find the size chart in an amazon wedding dress listing
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Check the Reviews

You want to find a dress with a good number of reviews. Read them carefully to see what they have to say and especially check out any pictures. I’d buy this dress in a heartbeat based on all the rave reviews and dozens of pictures of all the beautiful brides.

Be sure and read the negative reviews as well. For example, I found one wedding dress (didn’t include it in the list and you’ll see why!) that I was just in love with because it had pockets. Only, according to the reviews, it didn’t. Make sure the reviews support the product description.

showing where to find the reviews on an amazon wedding dress listing
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Check the Shipping Time

As I mentioned earlier, most of the wedding dresses available on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers and you may or may not get two-day shipping. Shipping times can run anywhere from two days to two months so make sure any dress you pick is going to arrive in time for your wedding.

image showing where to find the shipping estimate on an amazon wedding dress listing
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Check the Return Policy

The seller sets the return policy for items that are offered by third-party sellers on Amazon. It can be difficult to find the return policy sometimes so if the product description doesn’t mention a return policy, check out the page for the seller or contact the seller directly.

showing where to find the return policy on an amazon wedding dress

As you can see, you need to put some thought into purchasing your wedding dress from Amazon, but then you’d need to put some thought into any wedding dress you’re considering, right? But if you do your homework, you can end up with an amazing dress at a bargain price.

Wedding Dresses from Amazon Perfect for the Over 40 Bride

I've made a collection of my favorite wedding dresses on Amazon that would be perfect any bride over 40. I may have to plan a vow renewal so I can wear one (or more!) of my favorites. Which one do you like the best? Let me know in the comments!

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