10 Podcasts That are Perfect for Midlife Women

These podcasts, made for and by women over 40, will make you think, make you laugh, make you cry and give you a bit of inspiration during this phase of life.

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This is an updated and rewritten version of a post I wrote in 2015. When I wrote this post in 2015, I couldn’t even find any podcasts created by women in midlife so I suggested several podcasts that I felt women our age could relate to or that anyone who is thinking about what’s next for them would enjoy.

Well, cut to 2019! Women over 40 are podcasting and talking about the issues that speak directly to our lives. I’ve been enjoying listening to these podcasts from women my age as they speak directly to the issues I’m interested in: surviving menopause, parenting almost grown children, starting new and exciting businesses, and taking out rightful place in society.

I hope you’ll enjoy this list and find some new favorites. Let me know in the comments if there’s a podcast I need to check out!

1. Feisty Side of Fifty

Eileen Williams discusses a wide range of topics such as holistic health, dealing with grief, and relationships over 50 in these short interviews with renowned experts.

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2. Fit n’ Chips Chats

Amanda Thebe talks each week with experts on health and wellness topics of interest to pre- and post-menopausal women. Lots of good info in these episodes on staying fit and healthy as we age.

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3. Forever Fierce with Catherine Grace O’Donnell

This weekly talk show brings together a diverse set of guests to discuss ways to remain (and become) fiercely empowered during midlife.

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4. Midlife-A-Go-Go

Valerie Albarda talks with other women about issues that affect us such as overcoming the stigma of menopause and re-entering the job market as well as sharing her own inspiring thoughts about living your best life in midlife.

10 Podcasts That are Perfect for Midlife Women 7

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5. Midlife Mixtape

If you’re in the years between being hip and breaking one, you’ll love this sweet podcast. Nancy Davis Kho talks about life and the music we loved with fellow Gen-Xers.

10 Podcasts That are Perfect for Midlife Women 9

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6. Midlife Shmidlife

Liz Applegate and her guests look to the future in this inspiring podcast filled with the personal stories and lessons learned from women finding their way in midlife.

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7. Reinventing Midlife with Jenn, Tara & Lana

Three Gen X women talk about their lives and their take on the world around them.

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8. The Experience 50 Podcast

Mary Rogers is here to help us navigate our 50s, which is often the most unscripted time of our lives. She and her guests talk about a variety of topics to help you find your best path.

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9. This Unmillenial Life

If you wonder if you’ll ever sleep again, struggle with adult acne and wrinkles at the same time, and want to know all about the latest ways to lose weight, stay healthy, and live longer, then you’ll love this fun and information-packed podcast. Host Regan Jones will be your new midlife BFF.

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10. Women in the Middle

Life Coach Suzy Rosenstein and her guests share tips on loving your life over 50 and living a joyful life free of regrets.

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My Original Suggestions

So what podcasts did I suggest originally? Sadly, a few are no longer updating but I still enjoy listening to these shows when I get a chance. You might like them as well.

  1. The Tim Ferris Show. Irreverent, Informative, and Entertaining. I always learn something or am challenged by something and frequently it’s both.
  2. The Untrapped Life. This podcast is no longer being updated but the older episodes are all about following your dreams and making them come true. You might want to download all the episodes and listen from the beginning.
  3. Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen just recently started a podcast with her sister that I’m enjoying very much. Each episode covers ways we can bring a bit more happiness into our lives.
  4. Side Hustle School and The Side Hustle Show. These two podcasts have such similar names that I’ve just got to combine them into one entry. They’re similar in content but while the Side Hustle School tells the stories of people who have managed to turn a second job or hobby into a full-time career, the Side Hustle Show interviews folks who are making money with full- or part-time gigs and focuses on providing actionable advice for people who want to follow along.
  5. The Lively Show. Jess Lively used to focus on offering a series of interesting conversations with thought leaders about relationships, success, and wellness. But she recently became the ultimate reinventor. She’s currently traveling around the world and focusing on following her intuition.
  6. How Did You Get into That? Another podcast that’s no longer being updated that has a great back catalog of episodes. Each episode features an interview with a successful entrepreneur who discusses how they got to where they are now. Find an industry that looks interesting and download the episode to find out more.
  7. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert. How would you like the author of the ultimate reinvention book, Eat, Pray, Love, help you with your next step? Well, if you can’t get that, you can get the next best thing with this podcast where Elizabeth advises women looking to make their next step and interviews experts such as Martha Beck on how to over obstacles along the way.
  8. Smart Passive Income Podcast. I have found tons of genuinely interesting and useful information from Pat Flynn’s podcasts and I’ve come to feel I’m doing myself a disservice by not paying closer attention to the information he’s providing. I’ll be listening to this more in the future when I’m not on the road and can take good notes.
  9. Life on Purpose. Tips and interviews about living your life with more intention. Great to listen to if you feel like you’ve been reacting to much rather than acting.
  10. Relaunch. Inspiring interviews with people who pivoted from one career to another. 

So what’s a podcast? How do I listen to one? What have you been talking about?

All good questions.

A podcast is basically a radio program you can download to your phone or mp3 player so you can listen to it any time you want. You can also subscribe to a podcast so that new episodes are automatically downloaded for you.

If you have an iPhone and want to download any of podcasts I mentioned in the article, the simplest way to do it is to open the Podcasts app on your phone and search for the podcast you want. When you find, tap the podcast and then select subscribe. You can also download earlier episodes at the time as well.

The BBC has a handy guide to podcasts. If you have further questions or podcasts of your own to recommend, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have a clean, free comedy podcast for women over 65 although 40% of my listeners are men! Yeah! find it at:
    Or: Over65andtalking.podbean.com
    Love to be part of this!

  2. It’s great that there are so many shows for women over 40, and that more women are adding their voice. I have a podcast called Forties Stories where 40-something women share their stories about navigating midlife. We’re in the business of promoting compassion and connection – and busting negative stereotypes along the way! https://www.fortiesstories.com/

    Katy – what a great resource you have here! Am looking forward to diving in.


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