The Best Gifts for Young Adults in Their First Apartment: Gift Guide 2023

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I may have given my kids the wrong impression earlier this week when I texted them asking for gift suggestions for someone who’s just moved into their first apartment. I forgot that all 3 of them live in apartments now and would be thrilled to receive things for their apartments so I immediately got tons of great suggestions!

I had to go back and clarify that I was asking for this gift guide but at least you guys know that the items on this list are definitely things young adults just out of college would really like to get for Christmas.

And you don’t need to worry too much about my kids, either; Santa may be picking out a few of these items for them as well.

I included a few items on this list that I also listed as college dorm essentials. After four years, I figure your adult will be ready for a replacement.

Tech Gifts for Young Adults

Gifts To Use at The First Job

Gifts for a Little Self-Care

Getting started in life is stressful and sometimes you just need a little break.

Gifts for the Beginning Cook

Gifts for The First Apartment

Useful Gifts for Young Adults

More Christmas Gift Ideas

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