All the Blogs for Older Women You Should be Reading Now

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One of my most popular posts on Midlife Rambler is a quick list of five other Midlife Blogs that I really liked. As I wrote in my original post, I started Midlife Rambler because I honestly believed that there were no other lifestyle blogs that spoke to the needs of older women – those of over 40 or even 50 years of age.

I was wrong – so wrong! – but blogs for women our age do tend to fall under the radar.

I’ve continued to discover amazing women bloggers during my blogging journey and it’s time to recognize us all! I’ll keep this list updated and evergreen so if I didn’t list you, let me know in the comments. We all deserve a little love!

So without further ado, here are all my favorite blogs for women over 40 (or 50):

UPDATE: I’m not surprised to discover that this is just a small subset of midlife bloggers! If you’d like to be added to this list, please comment on this post with your blog’s URL. I’ll update the list once a week and delete your comment when you’ve been added to the main list. Thanks so much!

Families & Relationships

Fashion & Beauty

Health & Fitness



Living Your Best Life

Midlife Musings

Recipes, Crafts, DIY & Other Hobbies




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When I started Midlife Rambler I honestly believed there were no other lifestyle blogs that spoke to the needs of midlife women. I was wrong - so wrong! - but blogs for women our age do tend to fall under the radar. Here's a megalist of the blogs you'll want to start reading today.

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67 thoughts on “All the Blogs for Older Women You Should be Reading Now”

  1. That is a fantastic list! Some I already follow, and a few more I will now add! Thank you! I would love to be considered for this list as well, I would fall under Lifestyle (I do both fashion and recipes. But I focus a little more on Fashion) And always a dose of encouragement at the end :) Mine is called “Your Favorite Chapter” because I believe no matter where you are at in life or what has gone on before, this chapter can still be your favorite chapter.

  2. I’m loving this list! Some I already know but lots I don’t so I’m looking forward to working my way through. I’d love to be part of it. I started my blog,, just February gone because I too was facing the empty nest stage of my life. Sharon xo

  3. Wow! I just clicked onto your page today to find a fantastic list like this waiting for me to peruse this weekend! How serendipitous is that? I will have great hygge checking them all out. Thank you very much indeed x

  4. What a fabulous list – so many great bloggers on here and thank you so much for including me in the “Reinvention” Category – I feel honoured to be surrounded by so many lovely bloggers xx

  5. Awesome list! I’m 49 years old and do aerial trapeze for fun. My blog Fem40Fitness is all about being interested in extreme fitness after 40. I talk about good gear to buy, try to debunk myths about aging and fitness, and hope to be a body positive place for mid life women who want to push themselves. I’d love it if you could include my blog!

  6. Thanks so much for including my blog (Suzy Rosenstein – Midlife Transition Coach) on this list. I was blown away at how much amazing work is being done to help us midlife gals with this phase of our lives. I have some reading to do! We’re all in this together everyone – Thank God!

  7. I consider my blog an inspirational blog–maybe under “living your best life”–it is: Thank you so much! I love that there are others to share this journey with!

  8. Great list. But why leave out the guys? My new blog at tries to comment on things of interest to both women and men. I suppose it would fit under Midlife musings, but tries to touch on most of the other categories. One recent post you may enjoy is about the joy of travelling with your adult children. Please check it out. Thanks!

  9. Thoroughly depressed by the constant onslaught of “pretty young things” on blogging platforms, I googled “midlife blogs” and found you! Wow! So glad to know I am not a voice in the wilderness – though sorry to se you don’t appear to have an “environmental/ethical” category to pop me in :(
    May I be cheeky and ask to be the pioneer of this?? I write from thee heart about things that matter to me (and the planet) – responsible travel, ethical consumerism and anything that affects the environment – from the decks of a beautiful Dutch sailing barge. You’ll find me here when you have a cup of your favourite beverage on hand and a comfortable seat to relax in ;)


  10. This is an amazing list,and I’ve started checking out a few! Thanks for all your efforts in this niche, Katy – nice to know that there are so many of us:) Please would you consider adding my blog to “Living your best life” – it is about fitness of body, soul and spirit for mature (midlife) women.

  11. Hello, I follow several of these blogs already, I thank you so much for this fabulous list of Midlife blogs and look forward to reading them all, I bookmarked for later on. I am a Midlife blogger but have only started approximately 4 months ago. I am not sure if that would make your list or not, I am still learning so much!! My blog is It’s a health and wellness blog for women over 40.

    Thank you,

    Michele~Midlife Mirror

  12. I’ve just discovered this blog today and thank you for this amazing list. I can’t wait to start working through it. I am 51, vegan, new to blogging and have just a few posts, but am busy learning. I believe that every woman, whatever her age, deserves to be visible and to be heard. Every phase of life comes with challenges as well as new opportunities and I attempt to address this in my blog. If appropriate, I would love to be included in your list
    Thank you, Lady Chic Pea

  13. Hello! I found my tribe! My 50’s lifestyle blog is called Fab in your Fifties, basically looking at our 50’s in a humorous way. Thank you for consider my blog!

  14. This is the list I have been looking for!
    I was getting somewhat disillusioned with all of the fashion tips, and felt all the parenting sites were aimed at people with babies and toddlers rather than late teens and older.
    I will grab a coffee and get to work on a mass read!
    And, if allowable a shameless plug of my own small blog. I am attempting to combat my mid-life crisis with a bucket list to keep me busy.
    It probably falls under lifestyle/life improvement as that is what I am trying to do over at Pollyspadblog.Com ( )

  15. This is such a great blog. I have started a journey of my own, just separated and with an eminent divorce looming, next month I will be 50 and frankly, the whole process is overwhelming and I am scared about all the uncertainties. I have gone ahead and put myself out there with a YouTube Chanel to share my journey. I figured that it will not only be self-empowering but that sharing the whole process may be inspiring for others who may be going through the same situation. Please visit my YouTube channel here, thank you for supporting me in my journey! <3

  16. This is exactly how I felt when I started my blog, Middle Aged Mama, about 5 years ago! I’d be thrilled if you added my blog to your list, probably under the Lifestyle category because I do a bit of everything. I’m in Brisbane Australia, and my tag line is “fashioning a new life after the kids are grown”.

  17. I have a newborn blog that I just launched, Take a look at Menopausal Brunette, it’s new but I’m just getting started and in it for the long haul!
    My vision is a lifestyle type blog for women 45 and up that shares “relevant and relatable content”.
    This is a great list. Like you when you began, I have been hunting for blogs like mine and at first couldn’t really find anything. I’d love to be included if you’re still updating. Thanks again for the resource. I’ve been looking on Pinterest and everywhere to find similar groups.

  18. And here I thought this was an underserved market! I’m elated to see that aging is represented so fantastically! I’m just getting started and my mind is blown. Wonderful list. Thank you!

  19. This is such a great list! It’s nice to find all this content. Thank you for curating. I have one that might fall under your Midlife Musings – “Midlife is just the beginning. Carol Sloan shares real stories and anecdotes meant to recharge life, inspire risk, and find meaning in the everyday. For thinkers and gigglers!” Thanks again for making writings about midlife important!

  20. Excellent list of blogs for midlife women, thanks for putting it together! Some I am already a fan of and others I haven’t yet checked out, but now plan to.

    If you ever update your list, I hope you’ll consider adding – a blog dedicated to helping women embrace every aspect of midlife from mindset to menopause.

  21. Katy,
    This is such a great list. I have pinned it for future reference because there are so many to look at. A few I already frequent and am looking forward to checking out some new ones. If you do add to your list I would be thrilled if you could add my little spot on the internet:

  22. Hi Katy,
    I can only agree with all of the other comments here – what a wonderful list. Your effort to put this together – and to continuously update it – is to be commended!
    I would love to be among these wonderful women! I blog at and I think the most appropriate category would be “Living Your Best Life”.
    I have bookmarked this post so I can refer back to it time and again!

  23. This is a terrific list! Please add my blog for women after midlife. It covers sexuality, creativity (especially erotic writing after midlife), and more! I also have a new book out, “Aphrodite’s Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica after Midlife” (North Atlantic Press, September 2019). Many thanks! — Stella

  24. This is one incredible list! So much talent out there. Would love our blog to be considered We’re a UK based social enterprise and our topics cover the whole spectrum of midlife from menopause to money matters, mental wellbeing to relationships. (and everything in between). Hopefully we make the the cut! Many thanks

  25. Love this blog. It is filled with awesome information for midlife women. I am not a blog but a free lifestyle magazine for women 50+. We support women owned businesses and share lots of articles from aspiring women writers as they enjoy moving into new life of writing!
    subcribe for your direct mail copy!

  26. Wow great list! So many that I need to check out! My friend and I have a blog that we are just getting off the ground. Ours is about all things middle age with emphasis on issues we have struggled with.

  27. Thank you for compiling such an amazing and inspiring list. I was on on the search for middle age bloggers and all I could find were parenting blogs.
    I am a new blogger and blog about women in their forties. I would love to be included. My blog is

  28. Dear,

    I’ve been reading your blog even before I launched mine. My blog is at
    I would really love to be in this list! You’ve been. One of my inspirations

    Merry Christmas!


  29. Thank you for compyling this list! I follow some on these amazing women and am thrilled to be among them!
    Jesus, Yoga, Meditation, Organic gardening, and Rock scrambling with my mini Aussie are a few things that describe me! I definitely don’t fit the mold of your average “mature” girl. As I’ve moved through life’s various stages, I need to remember that I am who I am because of God.

  30. Love this post! So many amazing blogs to go explore! I would LOVE to be included. My blog is

    I offer candid insight, creative inspiration and clever how-to’s through relatable articles, honest reviews and practical how-to guides-All for the midlife women over 40+


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