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How to Make a Vision Board that Really Works: The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Want to learn how to make a vision board? A vision board, also called a dream board, is a collection of images and words designed to focus on a dream or goal you have for your life. I’m sharing the science behind why vision boards are so powerful and my process for creating powerful vision boards that deliver results. You can also grab a free vision board planner with printables and inspiration and tons of quotes to help you manifest your dream life.

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This Self-Care Checklist will Keep You from Burning Out

This printable self-care checklist will help you keep track of the healthy habits you need to follow on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in order to better care for your physical and mental health. There are even ideas for when your stress levels get too high and you need emergency self-care. You can use the self-care checklist to make sure you don’t forget to take care of yourself when your daily life gets too busy and avoid the burnout that comes from neglecting yourself for too long.

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10 Wardrobe Swaps to Instantly Look Younger [in 2022!]

Want to know what to wear to look younger over 40? Swap these clothing items that make you look older than you are for clothes that are fun and youthful and you’ll instantly look ten years younger. These outfits will show you exactly how to dress younger. Don’t believe it? Check out these photos for proof.

How to Lose Weight after Menopause: Why You Gain Weight and How You Can Lose It 2

How to Lose Weight after Menopause: Why You Gain Weight and How You Can Lose It

It’s unfortunate but true. Most women gain weight after 50 when their body goes through menopause. But there’s good news! If you know the facts about what causes weight gain during menopause you can learn how to lose weight after menopause. Here are some causes of weight gain in menopause and perimenopause and what’s worked for me to finally start losing weight again.