How to Make a Powerful Digital Vision Board Online [+ Free Canva Template]

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I’m a huge fan of vision boards. And I love creating different vision boards for specific purposes. I’ve already created my 2022 vision board to support my word of the year, but I also like to create vision boards to inspire me to reach special goals.

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I used to be completely old school – only poster board and magazine pictures for this girl! But I’ve completely changed my mind over the past few years. I love the ease of creating vision boards online and I especially love the many ways you can use digital vision boards.

How to Make a Powerful Online Vision Board Heading

So today I’m sharing my process for creating digital vision boards and I’m also sharing a template you can use to make your own vision board online with Canva. I updated the template to make it flexible for anything you want to use it for and included more tips on how to create the best vision board for 2022.

What is a Digital Vision Board?

A digital vision board, also called a dream board or a mood board, is simply a vision board you make using an online app or with a software program such as Word or Photoshop. There are several free online apps you can use to create your vision board digitally, such as PicMonkey or Canva.

All you need to do is gather the images and quotes you want to use, and then create a collage using the images you’ve found.

You can also create a vision board using an app like Pinterest. You can set up a secret Pinterest board and save images you find that embody your desires.

A Pinterest Vision Board
A vision board I made on Pinterest for the year 2022

You can keep your digital vision board online, or on your computer or phone where you can refer to it. Or, you can print it out and hang it somewhere where you will see it every day.

Why Use a Digital Vision Board?

A digital vision board has several advantages over a physical vision board created with images from magazines and other sources.

  1. It’s much easier (and faster) to find the perfect image for your board rather than thumbing through old magazines. (Although sometimes I prefer that method and here’s why.)
  2. Because they’re so easy to make, you’re more likely to make them and use them. You can make as many digital vision boards as you like! I love making vision boards for each month of the year so I can focus on my goals for that month.
  3. You can use your digital vision board in a variety of ways. For example, you can print it out to hang on the wall or paste it into your planner. You can use it for your computer wallpaper, or display it on your phone so it’s always top of mind.
  4. As a very visual person, it makes me happy when things look nice. When I create a beautiful vision board with an online photo app like Canva, I can make all my images line up nicely, I can make all the colors match, and I can create a much nicer looking board than I can with scissors and glue or with images pinned to a cork board.
  5. You can customize your vision board to your specific desires. It can be any size you want and contain any images or any words you want.
  6. You can easily change or update your vision board any time you need.
  7. You can keep your online vision boards with you at all times. Any time you need some inspiration, you can pull out your phone and look at your favorite inspirational phrase or uplifting images.
Online vision board on phone, tablet, and laptop

Why Do Vision Boards Work?

Vision boards work because you’re creating a physical reminder of who you are and what your dreams are.

They help you focus on the future, not just in terms of goals, but also to remind yourself that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Your vision board will reflect what’s important to YOU! And, it will remind you of your goals, no matter how big or small.

That’s why I like creating a vision board that I can keep with me always. I like to have a copy of my vision board on my phone so I can look at it frequently and be inspired to take action on my goals.

What Should Your Online Vision Board Have On It?

The short answer is: anything you would put on a physical vision board. It really depends on your goals and what will inspire you to achieve them.

Some things to consider include:

  • Your personal vision statement or the purpose of your digital vision board
  • The year or date of your vision board
  • Images that represent your goals, dreams, and desires
  • Quotes that inspire and motivate you
  • Your own image so you’ll feel comfortable seeing yourself with the things you desire

Types of Vision Boards

There are several types of vision boards you can make:

  • A board that reflects your overall goals for the year, or even your life. This might be things like “I want to be happy” or “I want to find love.” I like to make a new vision board at the beginning of each year in order to feel empowered and focused on the good things that can come in the new year.
  • A vision board focused on a specific goal. This could be something like “I want to buy a house in the next two years” or “I want to lose 30 pounds by September.”
  • A vision board that describes the type of person you want to become. This might include images of people you respect, quotes about how they live their life, or even pictures of the type of clothes and accessories you want to wear.
  • Themed vision boards. A good example of a themed vision board is a monthly board with different goals for each month. For example, you could focus your January vision board on getting fit, your February vision board on improving your relationships, etc.

Some Inspiration for Your Vision Board

Here are some vision board examples you can make with the free templates.

Your Goals for Different Areas of Your Life in 2022

Yearly vision board showing goals forr health, wealth, family, career, relationships and fun

An Overview of The New Year

Vision board showing what you want to accomplish in the new year

A Vision Board that Describes Who You Want to Be

A This is Me vision board

A Vision Board for the Month

A monthly online vision board

Free Vision Board Template

I’ve created a set of templates using Canva, a free online graphics program, that you can use to make almost any kind of vision board you might want. You can print these out to create a physical vision board or use the template to create your own digital vision board online.

These templates come in portrait and landscape orientation so you can use them however you like. You can print them, use them as wallpaper on your computer or phone, or even share them with a friend.

Can you make an online vision board with your phone?

Yes! I like to use the online app version of Canva on my desktop because it’s easier to see the big picture as I work on my board, but Canva also has a phone app that’s perfect for making online vision boards.

How to Create a Vision Board Online (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Determine the Theme for Your Board

How do you want to use this vision board? Do you want a separate digital vision board for each month? Are there certain areas of life that mean more to you than others and deserve their own boards (e.g., relationships or career)? Are you looking to manifest a whole new life?

If this is your first vision board, you may find it difficult to decide on a theme for your board. If that’s the case, check out my vision board planner for help in planning your board.

Download Your Free Vision Board Planner Now!

How to Make a Vision Board that is Mind-Blowingly Effective 7

Use the exercises in the planner to make your most effective Vision Board ever! Plus get free printables to use on your board.

Yay! Your Vision Board Planner is on the way!

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How to Make a Powerful Digital Vision Board Online [+ Free Canva Template] 3

Step 2: Gather Your Images and Quotes for Your Board

You can find images all over the Internet! Here are a few ways I like to find images for my online vision boards.


Pinterest is so helpful for finding pictures to use on an online vision board. I have two Pinterest boards with images you might find helpful:

How to Make a Powerful Digital Vision Board Online [+ Free Canva Template] 4
Vision Board Images on Pinterest
How to Make a Powerful Digital Vision Board Online [+ Free Canva Template] 5
Vision Board Quotes on Pinterest

If you see an image you want to use, simple right click on it and select Save Image to download it. Then you can use it on your board later.

Unsplash has beautiful, inspiring images that are free to use.

How to Make a Powerful Digital Vision Board Online [+ Free Canva Template] 6

Pexels is another excellent source of stock photos use on your board.

How to Make a Powerful Digital Vision Board Online [+ Free Canva Template] 7

You can also use Google Image Search to find images for your board. Try searching for a desired feeling, such as abundance or joy, rather than searching for a more specific image.

How to Make a Powerful Digital Vision Board Online [+ Free Canva Template] 8

Pictures You Take Yourself

You can also use your own images on your board! If you’re out some day and see a car you’d like to drive or a house you’d like to own, take a picture for your vision board!

A Picture of Yourself and/or Your Family

I like to include a picture of myself or other people I love, like my husband and my children, on my vision board. That’s a wonderful way to focus on what you would like to see in your family life.

Use Pictures and Quotes that Give Positive Feelings

Be sure to use images and quotes that inspire and uplift you. If you find an image that makes you feel needy or doubtful, don’t use it. For example, if you see a picture of a car and you want it so desperately, but feel you can’t ever get the money needed for such a wonderful car, don’t use it. Only add photos that give you positive, believable vibes.

Just as with physical vision boards, your attitude is the key to an effective vision board.

Step 3: Import Your Photos and Arrange Them into a Collage

I’m a huge Canva fan because it’s easy to use and has tons of pre-made beautiful templates, but you’ve got a ton of options. You can use any type of online collage maker or a photo editor such as PicMonkey or even a software program you already own, such as Photoshop or even Microsoft Word.

When you’re creating your vision board, it’s important to think about the layout. You want your images and quotes to inspire you and motivate you to achieve your goals. Here are a few tips for laying out an effective vision board:

  • Use visually appealing images that inspire you and make you feel good.
  • Place your images and quotes in a way that feels good to you.
  • Think about the message you want to send with your board.
  • Be creative!

If you would prefer to focus on your images and words without worrying about layout issues, you can use one of my free vision board templates for your board.

Step 4: Save Your Vision Board and Keep it Somewhere You’ll See it Frequently

Your vision board is most effective if you keep it some place where you can see it frequently. You could print it out and hang it on your fridge, the wall near your desk or your bathroom mirror. Since this is an online vision board, you could have it as your desktop wallpaper or saved as a background for your phone.

The more frequently you look at it, the more likely you will think about what’s important to you and how much progress you’ve made.

If you save your collage as a JPG, you can make it the wallpaper for your phone or laptop. Or you can save it as a PDF and print it out to put in your planner or journal.

Step 5: Don’t Forget to Stop Now and Then and Really Look at Your Digital Vision Board

I really love this quote from Martha Beck:

When you put your attention on something, you experience more of it. Maybe it is created by a magical force of attention. At the very least, you are going to selectively pay attention to these things you like once you selectively start to gear yourself to focus on them more.

Martha Beck

So, stop and really look at your vision board frequently so that you’ll focus on the elements you’ve selected for the board when they appear in your life.

How to Make a Powerful Digital Vision Board Online [+ Free Canva Template] 9

How to Use the Midlife Rambler Canva Templates to Create Your Digital Vision Board

The free Canva Digital Board Templates I’m sharing make creating a vision board online quick and easy. You can choose the format that appeals to you and customize any of the templates to suit your needs.

To use the Canva templates:

  1. If you don’t already have a Canva login, head over to and click Sign Up to create a new personal account.

You don’t need a Canva Pro account to use the template, so if they offer a free trial, you can select Maybe Later. That will ensure you are using Canva for free.

2. You’ll receive an email with the links to the templates. The templates come in two formats:

  • Landscape – Good for printing your vision board to hang on the wall or using as your computer’s wallpaper
  • Portrait – Good for printing your vision board to put in a notebook or planner or using as wallpaper for your phone.

3. Once you’ve gotten the template you want to use, MAKE A COPY OF YOUR TEMPLATE. If you change the original template, you can never go back to the way it was.


Each of the Canva vision board templates has 5 formats you can choose from to make your vision board. Once you’ve decided on the format you want to use, you can delete all the other pages in the template.

4. Now, you’re ready to bring in your images and quotes.

Canva has several free images you can use or you can upload images you’ve gotten somewhere else to use on your board.

5. You can customize the colors on the template, change the fonts, add words; anything you want to do to make your vision board inspirational to you.

6. When you’re done, download your vision board to your laptop or phone as a PDF or JPG. You can then print it out or use it as wallpaper. You can also post it on social media or email it to friends and family.

7. Don’t forget to look at your online vision board often so that you’ll focus on the elements you’ve selected when they appear in your life.

Now You’re Ready to Make Your Own Vision Board Online

In this post, we’ve covered how to make a digital vision board online and what you should consider when making your own. This is an excellent way for those of us who are visual thinkers or don’t have the time to spare on creating a physical one. The free Canva template provided gives you all sort of opportunities for designing any kind of vision board that meets your needs! Have you ever made a vision board? Let me know in the comments!

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