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How to Make a Digital Vision Board Online (with Free Template)

Whether you call it a vision board, a dream board, or a goal board, creating a vision board is a powerful visualization tool that helps you achieve your goals and dreams. I’m sharing today how to use online tools and apps to easily make the perfect digital vision board to manifest your dream life. Plus I’m showing how to create your digital vision board, step-by-step, and including a free template to help you get started. 

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If you’ve been reading the blog for any time at all, you know I’m a huge fan of vision boards. I’ve made several in the past and I’ve even already made one for 2020, but I’ve always done them the old school way using magazines and glue and poster board.  I still like that method, but I just got myself a new planner for 2020 and I wanted to put a little something at the beginning to help me remember just what I’m working for.

I wanted to do a little something different with this vision board. My yearly vision board is normally based around the emotions I want to be feeling during the year. I may be thinking of some goals I want to achieve when I make the board, but the goal of the board itself is to get supercharge my morning so I can take some time to look at the board and feel the emotions I would feel if I have already achieved my goal.

Because I wanted to put it in front of my planner, my goal for this vision board was a bit different. I wanted to remind myself of the actions I wanted to take to meet my goals and to get my work day started enthused and energized and ready to get to work. I could have made this vision board using my normal method, but I decided this time to create a digital vision board.

digital vision board make online using Canva
My digital vision board made using Canva. I can print this out and put it in my planner or I can use it as wallpaper on my computer or display it on my phone. And because I created it using a template, I can easily make a new vision board next month as well.

What is a Digital Vision Board?

A digital vision board is simply a vision board you make using an online app such as Canva or PicMonkey or with a software program such a Word or even Photoshop. You gather the images and quotes you want from the Internet (more about how to find the perfect images in a minute), and then create a collage using the images you’ve found.

You can keep your digital vision board on your computer or phone where you can refer to it or you can print it out.

How to Make a Digital Vision Board Online (with Free Template) 2
A digital vision board is simply a vision board you create using online tools and images.

Why Make a Digital Vision Board?

A digital vision board has a few advantages over a vision board created with images from magazines and other sources.

  1. It’s much easier (and faster) to find the perfect image for your board using Internet Searches than thumbing through old magazines. (Although sometimes I prefer that method and here’s why.)
  2. You can use your digital vision board in a variety of ways. For example, I can print it out to go in the front of my planner, I can use it for my desktop wallpaper, or I can display it on my phone so it’s always top of mind.
  3. I’m a very visual person, so it makes me happy when things look nice. When I create a digital vision board with an online photo app like Canva, I can make all my images line up nicely, I can make all the colors match, and I can create a much nicer looking board than I can with scissors and glue.
  4. A digital vision board can be completely customized to you – it can be any size you want and contain any images or any words you want.
How to Make a Digital Vision Board Online (with Free Template) 3
When you create a digital vision board, you can select just the images you want, rather than thumbing through magazines hoping to find something that works.

What Should Your Digital Vision Board Have On It?

The short answer is – anything you would put on a regular vision board. But you might start by looking at different areas of your life. What would you like to change or add to your life in the following areas:

  • Personal Relationships
  • Romance
  • Finances
  • Enjoyment & Fun
  • Health
  • Money
  • Spirituality & Personal Growth
  • Physical Environment

You should be able to think of a few things you’d like to put on your board within those categories.

Create Your Digital Vision Board Online Using Canva with a Free Template

I created my digital vision board using Canva and created a template that you can use to make your own digital vision board. Here’s a quick video showing how to use it.

If you’d like to use my template to create your digital vision board, fill out the form below to receive instructions for how to access the template.

How to Create a Digital Vision Board (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Determine the Theme for Your Board

In my case, I wanted to create a vision board that helped remind me of my monthly goals and helped keep me inspired to keep working toward them throughout the month. But there’s no reason you couldn’t create a digital vision board to help you manifest a huge goal or desire or your theme for the year. If that’s the case, you may want to download my Vision Board Planner and work through the questions on that before you get started creating your board.

Step 2: Gather Your Images and Quotes for Your Board

You can find images all over the Internet! Some of my favorite sites for free stock photos are pexels.com and unsplash.com. You can also use your own photos on your board! If you’re out some day and see a car you’d like to drive or a house you’d like to own, take a picture of it for your vision board!

Step 3: Using the App of Your Choice, Import Your Photos and Arrange Them into a Collage

I’m a huge Canva fan because it’s easy to use and has tons of pre-made beautiful templates, but you’ve got a ton of options. You can use any type of online collage maker or a photo editor such as PicMonkey or even a software program you already own such as Photoshop or even Microsoft Word.

Step 4: Save Your Collage and Keep it Somewhere You’ll See it Frequently

If you save your collage as a JPG, you can make it the wallpaper for your phone or laptop. Or you can save it as a PDF and print it out to put in your planner or journal.

Step 5: Don’t Forget to Stop Every Now and Then and Really Look at Your Digital Vision Board

I really love this quote from Martha Beck:

When you put your attention on something, you experience more of it. Maybe it is created by a magical force of attention. At the very least, you are going to selectively pay attention to these things you like once you selectively start to gear yourself to focus on them more.

Martha Beck

So, stop and really look at your vision board frequently so that you’ll focus on the elements you’ve selected for the board when they appear in your life. This is absolutely the most important step because it’s what makes your vision board effective.

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How to Make a Digital Vision Board Online (with Free Template) 5
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