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Hi! I'm Katy

I started Midlife Rambler to speak to women over 40 about achieving satisfaction in all aspects of their lives as they enter the second half of their lives. I’ve loved reading blogs for years, but never could find one that spoke to women my age.

So I started one.

I Launched Midlife Rambler in 2015

I honestly thought my blog was one of the first geared to women over 40. How wrong I was! As I grew in my blogging journey, I found tons of women over 40 who have active blogs in a variety of niches. Check out my post, All the Blogs for Midlife Women You Should be Reading Now, to see just how many women over 40 have exciting blogs where they talk about a wide range of subjects. I know you’ll find at least a few that you want to visit.

My List is Missing One Blog, Though — Yours

You have a story to tell and wisdom to share and a blog is the perfect way to do just that.

Why You Should Start a Blog

Learn How to Start Your Blog Today!

My free ebook, How to Start a Blog for Women Over 40, walks you through the process of starting a blog, from coming up with an idea for your blog to launching your blog to the world.

How to Start a Blog for Women Over 40 2

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Learn How to Start Your Blog Today!

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