15 Pieces of Lingerie for Older Women You’ll Feel Beautiful Wearing

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You can still wear sexy lingerie and feel great, even if you’re over 40 and 50. These 15 pieces of lingerie for older women highlight your assets, hide the areas you don’t feel great about, and will make you feel absolutely beautiful when you wear them.

15 Pieces of Lingerie for Older Women You'll Feel Beautiful Wearing 1

If you’re planning an at-home Valentine’s Day with your loved one, here’s my suggestion for an amazing evening you two won’t soon forget: cook up an easy and romantic Valentine’s Day dinner and serve it while wearing some sexy lingerie.

Are you already shaking your head saying, “No, no. I never could.”? Well, I’m here to tell you that lingerie for older women exists and you can still feel beautiful and sexy in lingerie, even if you’re over 50. Yes, even if your body isn’t quite the same as it was when you were 30. Yes, without feeling constricted or constantly tugging at random straps and belts. And, yes, without exposing more of your body than you feel comfortable doing.

I’ve rounded up 15 pieces of lingerie that are just ideal for women over 40 and 50. Everything I’ve selected is designed to flatter older bodies like my own by highlighting the parts we want to show (now’s the time to show off some cleavage!) and minimizing the areas we may want to hide (I call these my “squishy spots”).

I’ve picked a variety of pieces that range from fairly modest to va-va-voom sexy so you can pick a piece that you feel comfortable wearing.

A few notes about lingerie buying:

  • Take your measurements and check sizing before ordering. Sizing can vary widely and a perfect fit is essential to feeling comfortable in your lingerie.
  • Check return policies. If you buy something and feel uncomfortable in it, return it! You should only wear lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess.
  • Don’t forget accessories! Some thigh-high hose and glamorous slippers can amp up the sexiness of almost any of these selections.

And, yes, I made a purchase from this list too! If we’re not already friends on Instagram, give me a follow. I’ll be posting my purchase in my stories when it arrives. (No, not modeling it!)

Which piece of lingerie do you love?

Lingerie for Older Women You'll Feel Beautiful - and Sexy! - Wearing

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