10 Free Printable Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

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Get the conversation flowing around the dinner table this Thanksgiving with one of these ten free printable conversation starters. You’ll get to know a new side of your family members and get the whole family talking to each other.

We love our family and look forward to seeing them at the holidays. But it can sometimes be awkward to have a conversation with someone you last saw a year ago and the weather and traffic can only go so far.

And even if our Thanksgiving dinner is just our own immediate family, it can often be difficult to get everyone to slow down and remember the reason for the holiday. Your college student wants to get out and visit with their friends, your husband wants to get back to the game, and your younger kids want to grab food and run off to play. I know I’ve ended too many meals feeling disappointed and disconnected from my family.

So I’ve compiled this list of Thanksgiving Conversation Starter activities you can use to connect your family and get them talking this Thanksgiving, whether your group is large or small. Each activity comes with free printables so you don’t need to buy or make anything on your own and I’ve created suggestions on when and how to use each activity.

You won’t want to use all these conversation starters; instead, pick the one that’s right for you. And let me know in the comments which one you liked. I’d love to know!

Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

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10 Free Printable Thanksgiving Conversation Starters 13

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