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The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks

These fridge organization tips will help end food spoiling because you can't find it in the fridge, help you keep your fridge and freezer clean, and save you money because you won't be wasting food or buying items you already have. (Admit it, you've done it - I know I have.) Do you...

A Guide to Decluttering Your Home in 30 Days

If you've been reading Midlife Rambler for a while, you know I'm a huge fan of decluttering your home to make your living space calm and efficient. But there's one thing I have trouble throwing away: my photos. I even wrote a blog post about it! The folks at Shutterfly share my love for family photos and they also share my love for...

A Sneak Peek into My KonMari Kitchen Cabinet Reorganization

So I’m still not finished with my KonMari-inspired kitchen reorganization. I know! But looking at everything in my kitchen and determining if it sparks joy takes time, you guys. I’ll do the final reveal next week after I’ve tackled the pantry and put everything back in place. But my kitchen cabinets are pretty much...

Why Marie Kondo Photo Organizing Advice Doesn’t Work for Me

Marie Kondo has some great advice about sentimental clutter in her book but I disagree with her recommendations about photos. Here's why I don't think you should organize your photos using the KonMari Method.

Decluttering and Organizing the Kitchen with Help from Marie Kondo

Use these tips from Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and your decluttered and organized kitchen will spark joy for you! Here's how I reorganized my kitchen following the KonMari process.