The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks

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These fridge organization tips will help end food spoiling because you can’t find it in the fridge, help you keep your fridge and freezer clean, and save you money because you won’t be wasting food or buying items you already have. (Admit it, you’ve done it – I know I have.)

Do you feel calm or stressed when you open the refrigerator door? It’s so easy to let things get out of hand in your fridge: you bring in the groceries and it’s time to get dinner on the table so you stuff everything in willy-nilly and vow to take care of it later. We’ve all done it, so no shame! But you can maintain an organized fridge longer if you follow these easy hacks.

Fridge Organization Tip 1: Start with a clean fridge

You can’t have an organized fridge if it’s dirty and full of expired food (or rotting food – trust me, I’ve been there). Start by following this 30-minute plan from Apartment Therapy and get your fridge sparkling.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 2

Found at Apartment Therapy.

Fridge Organization Tip 2: Store your food in zones

Some parts of your refrigerator are warmer than other parts. This handy article from Houzz can help you figure out where to store your food for maximum safety and freshness.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 3

Photo by True Residential. Found at Houzz.

Fridge Organization Tip 3: Protect your shelves with liners

Which would you rather do, spend 30 minutes scrubbing the sticky jam that’s somehow gotten stuck on your refrigerator shelf or whip off the fridge liner and give it a quick rubdown? I thought so. That’s why these cute fridge liners are such a great idea.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 4
Found at Organizing Home Life

Fridge Organization Tip 4: Organize with storage containers

Once you’ve organized your food zones, keep everything neat and corraled with easy-clean storage containers. Using storage containers has made a huge difference in my own fridge, but check out this organized thing of beauty from Four Generations / One Roof. Genius!

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 5
Found at Four Generations / One Roof

Fridge Organization Tip 5: Save money with supplies from the dollar store

Storage containers are really handy, but they can be a little pricey. You can get more bang for your buck by checking out the options at your local dollar store.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 6
Found at The Domestic Geek

Fridge Organization Tip 6: Add labels to your containers for easy identification

Once you’ve set up your fridge with all your new organizers, help your family know where things belong by labeling your containers. Clean & Scentsible has some super-cute and stylish free printable labels that would be perfect for your fridge.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 7
Found at Clean & Scentsible

Fridge Organization Tip 7: Create a healthy snack area in your fridge

Ever find yourself mindlessly opening the refrigerator without a real plan for what you want? It’s OK, we all do it. And we all tend to grab the first thing we see, which can be disastrous for any keeping healthy plan if the first thing you see is pie. So take a few healthy snacks and put them at eye-level in an organizer. Now, you’re not tempted to go rummaging through the rest of the fridge when you want a snack.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 8
Found at Organize Yourself Skinny

Fridge Organization Tip 8: Add an Area for Kids’ Snacks as Well

Add a Kids’ Snack Area to your fridge with a container full of snacks approved for your kids and let them help themselves.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 9
Found at Little Penelope Lane

Fridge Organization Tip 9: Add a lazy susan so items don’t get stuck in the back of the fridge

If items are getting lost in the back of the fridge, invest in a lazy susan for your fridge. Now you can reach everything with a twirl!

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 10
Found at Apartment Therapy

Fridge Organization Tip 10: Or use a lazy susan to store leftovers

How cool is this? A Lazy Susan with compartments for your leftovers. Now, last Tuesday’s lasagna will never get lost in the back of the fridge! If you have enough vertical space, you could even stack a second row on top of the first row for twice the storage.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 11
Found at Simplemost

Fridge Organization Tip 11: Stop wasting food with an “Eat Me First” container

When you bring your groceries in, take a moment to check out what items in the fridge are near their expiration date and put them in a container labeled “Eat Me First” so you can be sure to use up those items before they expire or spoil.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 12
Found at The Krazy Coupon Lady

 Fridge Organization Tip 12: Create a magnetic spice rack on the side of your fridge

Don’t forget about the outside of your fridge! Glue magnets to the backside of containers for a clever and useful DIY Spice Rack.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 13
Found at Shelterness

Fridge Organization Tip 13: Or use the outside of your fridge to track what’s inside

Here’s a genius hack for a garage fridge or other fridge you don’t use as frequently as the one in your kitchen. Use a dry erase marker to list what’s inside the fridge. No need to open the door to remind yourself what the fridge is holding and a great way to keep track of things you’re running low on.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 14
Found at Chiot’s Run

Fridge Organization Tip 14: Organize your freezer with freezer drawers

Do you have one of those refrigerators with a deep freezer drawer on the bottom? I do and I love the extra space, but I also find it a challenge to remember just what I have in the freezer. I’m forever buying chicken or ground beef only to discover I already have some in the freezer. That’s why I LOVE this idea of creating freezer drawers from multi-purpose bins. You can easily see what you have on hand and find things quickly. I’ll be implementing this hack ASAP!

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 15
Found at Simply Organized

Fridge Organization Tip 15: Put those empty six pack containers to good use!

They’re the perfect size for organizing your condiments on the fridge door.

The 15 Best Fridge Organization Hacks 16
Found at HomeEdit

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