Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters

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It can be difficult to gather everyone for the annual Christmas Card picture once the kids have grown up and left home. But you can still carry on the Christmas Card tradition even if you’re an empty nester. Here are some creative Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters to get you started.

If you’re an empty nester, you might be wondering just what kinds of Christmas Cards you can send out now that the kids aren’t cute toddlers any longer. Or you may not be able to get everyone in one place. Or your kids might rebel against being in a Christmas Card. Your annual family Christmas Card can become much more complicated as the kids get older.

Not to worry, though! You can still enjoy the tradition of sending out Christmas Cards even if your kids no longer live at home. Here are a few creative ideas for Christmas Cards for Empty Nesters you can use for inspiration.

If You Can’t Get Everybody Together, Create a Collage

Over the last few years, we’ve had the same problem with every family photo we’ve taken: at least one member of the family is missing. If that’s the case for you, you could still celebrate the special moments in your family with a collage highlighting each member of the family.

I created the example below using Shutterfly’s Photo Tree Holiday Card.

Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters 3

Do a Photo Shoot Without the Kids

Hey, you finally got those freeloaders out of your house! Time to celebrate! Let the world know about your joy with photoshoot celebrating your empty nest.

I couldn’t love the photo this couple took for their Christmas Card any more than I do and I’m sure their friends all had a nice chuckle when they saw the card.

Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters 4
Photo Credit: Sandberg Photography

Have Some Fun!

Can’t get everyone in the picture? No problem! You can always Photoshop them in, right?

Christmas Card 2008

Let Your Pets Be the Star

I think I officially became an empty nester the day I said, “Why yes, I would like to have my dogs’ picture taken with Santa.” But who wouldn’t? Look how cute they look.

This design is Shutterfly’s Paw Print Love Christmas Card.

Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters 5

Show Your Kids Throughout the Years

Another collage idea but this one will tug at everyone’s heartstrings. Show your kids growing up so everyone can marvel at the adults they’ve become.

Design is Stacked Memories Holiday Card from Shutterfly.

Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters 6

Highlight Your Own Adventures

If you’ve gotten to travel more or try some new things because of your empty nest, let everyone know with a photo of what you’ve been up to!

Design is Simple Family Greeting Christmas Card from Shutterfly.

Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters 7

Distract the Eye from Missing Members by Including the Extended Family

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t believe we’ve been altogether as a family for a family portrait in years. So we make do with what we can. My oldest son is missing from this family portrait and we miss him terribly, but hopefully, the addition of my mother and sister and her children and grandchildren help fill out the card.

Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters 8

Just Lean into Your Weirdness

You don’t necessarily need to get a bearded dragon, start dressing it in holiday costumes and photographing it once your kids get older as my sister did, but wouldn’t life be more fun if you did? (For more Simon the Bearded Dragon content, check him out on Instagram at simonthebeardeddragon).

Design is Simple Wish Christmas Card from Shutterfly

Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters 9

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Christmas Card Ideas for Empty Nesters 10

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