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Five Things I’m Buying for Myself on Black Friday

Plus The Best Deals from the Midlife Rambler Gift Guides!

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So, it turns out that the one thing for me that doesn’t have to change this Thanksgiving Holiday is how I handle my Black Friday shopping. This Black Friday I’ll be doing what I do every year: get up, pour myself some coffee, and open my laptop. I usually have a good idea of what I’m going to buy so I’ll make my purchases and then I’ll enjoy the rest of the holiday while I’m waiting for my purchases to arrive.

Oh, and one more thing isn’t going to change. I always buy myself a few things. After all, I’m worth it. Plus, I’ve gotten in a routine where I wait until Black Friday to stock up on some basics I need every year. For example, I love the bras at The Gap. They’re comfy and don’t show through my clothes. So every year, when everything at The Gap is 50% off, I buy a new one and rotate out one of my old bras that has started to fray. (This one is my favorite!)

Today, I’m sharing some of the items on my Black Friday 2020 To Buy list. Some of these items are already on sale and some of them won’t be available until later. I’m letting you know what the sale price is and when you can take advantage of the best price. Why not take this opportunity to get a little something for yourself, too?

Five Things I'm Buying for Myself this Black Friday

P.S. I’ll be updating all of the Gift Guides all through the holidays to let you know when an item is on sale.

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