Testing TikTok Makeup Hacks: Quick & Easy Eyeshadow

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I have a confession: I’m addicted to TikTok. And I’m not alone! It seems like everyone discovered the video app in 2020. I understand why. You can find videos covering almost anything you’re interested in: household tips, delicious recipes, travel destinations, productivity routines, career coaching, and, of course, dance moves.

But the videos I really love are the makeup hacks. I just love seeing the transformations people can achieve with just a bit of makeup. And I really love learning new ways to use makeup and seeing viral makeup products that I just have to buy.

There’s only one problem. Many of the women sharing all these makeup tips are in their 20s. Or even their teens! And, as a woman over 50, I know that a makeup look that’s stunning on a very young woman can look like a disastrous mess on me.

So, I’ve been playing around with some of the many makeup hacks I’ve learned from TikTok to see what works for a woman over 50, what doesn’t work at all, and what could work with a few changes.

Today’s tip falls in the “could work with a few changes” category. It’s a quick and easy way to do your eyeshadow inspired by this TikTok from @tartecosmetics.

Looks easy and beautiful, right? However, I’m not really into a mermaid look for everyday wear. So, I made a few changes, simplified the technique even more and came up with an easy everyday eye makeup look that takes two minutes at most.

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