DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Craft

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One of the best things that happened to me in 2020 was finally visiting and experiencing the wonder of Dollar Tree. How did I go so long without knowing how great this store is? So many excellent products and everything is literally one dollar. It’s heaven.

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I always get inspired when I visit and there’s nothing I love more than the quick and easy crafts you can make with supplies from the Dollar Tree. So, today I’m sharing one of my favorite Dollar Tree hacks: these super-cute, super easy – and best of all – super cheap mini Christmas Trees.

You can make several of these trees in an afternoon and they can be customized to fit with any holiday decor.

Here’s What You Need

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Craft 1
  • 2 Mini Dollar Tree Christmas Trees
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Block
  • Dollar Tree Bucket
  • Star for the Top of the Tree
  • Dollar Tree Ornaments
  • Ribbon to tie ornaments to the tree
How to Make These Easy DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree

How to Make the DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree

STEP ONE: Take two of the Dollar Tree Christmas Trees. Move all the branches of one tree to the right side and move the branches of the other tree to the left side.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Craft 2

STEP TWO: Tie the two trees together using floral wire.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Craft 3

STEP THREE: Place the foam in the bucket and then stick the trees down into the foam. (I later went back and hot-glued some moss on top of the foam to hide it.)

STEP FOUR: Adjust the tree branches into a natural tree shape.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Craft 4

STEP FIVE: Tie ornaments onto the tree branches and finish by placing the star on top of the tree.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Craft 5

That’s it! It’s time to admire your work.

Here are the trees with some of my other Christmas decor.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Craft 6

And the beauty of this craft is that it’s so customizable. I made another tree with a more rustic look by adding sprigs of holly and raffia bows instead of ornaments. I also used hot glue to cover the Dollar Tree bucket with rope.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Craft 7

And I made this elegant tree using two Dollar Tree White Christmas trees and some sparkling ornaments.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Craft 8

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