15 Realistic Spring 2022 Trends for Women over 40

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I’ve been doing a deep dive into the fashion trends I’ve been seeing for Spring 2022. And I don’t mean reading articles on runway trends for Spring 2022. I don’t know about you, but I’m not heading to meet friends for dinner in low-slung hip huggers with feathers inspired by Y2K fashion trends. I just got used to high-waisted jeans!

So, instead I went looking for realistic, wearable trends to freshen up your spring wardrobe by checking out some of my favorite retailers and looking at my favorite Instagram fashion icons to see what they’ve been wearing.

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You guys – I was so excited by what I found. If I were going to pick one word to describe all the fashion trends I’ve been seeing for Spring 2022, it would be “joyful.”

I’ve been seeing lots of bright colors (but elegant neutrals are still big as well), fun details like ruffles and smocking, and comfortable, feminine dresses. I even finally figured out how to wear mom jeans, without looking like, well – me – in the 1990s.

Here are my favorite Spring Fashion Trends for 2022 that I’ve seen that will work for us women over 40, along with ideas on how to wear them in your wardrobe.

A lot of the pieces I’m sharing come from Reese Witherspoon’s new line for Kohl’s, RSVP Draper James. I love stopping by the Draper James store in Nashville, but the prices can sometimes be a bit out of my league. So I’m delighted to see that Kohl’s is now offering several pieces from Draper James at more affordable prices.

All the Draper James pieces at Kohl’s embody the best of the spring trends I’ve been seeing this season. Wearing these clothes makes me feel like I’m heading out to a fun garden party, when I’m really just hitting up Trader Joe’s.

Here are 15 of my favorite Spring 2022 Fashion Trends. Which is your favorite?

P.S. I couldn’t stop at 15!

The Nap Dress

Flowy, soothing dresses (aka “the nap dress”) were all the rage last summer and they’re still going strong. These aren’t the prairiecore dresses your friends have been making fun of on social media. Instead, these dresses are soft and feminine but still so comfortable. I especially love this soft yellow dress from Draper James RSVP.

You could style this with soft, delicate accessories or toughen up the look with bold, chucky pieces.

15 Realistic Spring 2022 Trends for Women over 40 1

Crisp Shirtdress

Here’s another trend for 2022 I’m completely in love with: the crisp shirt dress. I’m actually obsessed with the throwback, retro feel of these dresses. I can just picture myself drinking a gin and tonic while I lunch with the ladies.

Here’s another dress that I’m absolutely loving from the Draper James RSVP collection from Kohl’s.

15 Realistic Spring 2022 Trends for Women over 40 7

Gingham Everything

Gingham fabric is everywhere this spring, especially bright blue gingham. You can be dressed in gingham from your shoes to your hat, and everything in between.

The gingham pieces I’ve been seeing also tend to incorporate some of Spring 2022’s other trends, like puff-sleeves, ruffles, or peplum detailing so everything looks fresh and new.

Spring Outfit Mockup with Gingham Tiered Long Sleeve Top

Matching Sets

I really love the preppy feel of the matching sweater sets I’ve been seeing. I especially love these Draper James matching sweater sets (available in blue or pink gingham – another trend). I feel so pulled together when I wear them.

Spring Outfits - Matching Draper James Sweater Set

Puff Sleeves

Sleeves are very important this spring. Every spring top I’ve looked at seems to have some sort of fun sleeve detail and the detail I’ve been seeing most often is large, puffed sleeves. Think Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress but toned down just a notch.

When the top is the star of the outfit, I like to keep the other elements understated. This outfit is a good example of another Spring 2022 outfit trend: denim on denim.

15 Realistic Spring 2022 Trends for Women over 40 42


Fun ruffle details are everywhere this spring. It seems like everyplace I’ve looked has a fun floral top with a ruffle detail. I really like this two piece set from Draper James RSVP. You could wear the shirt and skirt together for a garden-party, Easter vibe or split them up and pair with a solid piece to make it more casual.

Spring Outfit Trends 2022 - Ruffles


This spring, if a top doesn’t have puff sleeves or ruffles, then it definitely has smocking – and sometimes it has all 3! I love the feminine vibe that smocking gives to tops and dresses.

This orange top from Madewell has a 70s bohemian vibe, which I’m totally into. It pairs perfectly with wide legged jeans.

15 Realistic Spring 2022 Trends for Women over 40 65

The Preppy Vibe

The preppy vibe is everywhere in Spring 2022 and as a child of the 80s, I am here for it. And when I think preppy, I think J. Crew who’s been bringing us the preppy vibe since 1983. I would have worn this outfit proudly in the 80s – and pretty much every year since then, too. How much do you love those loafers?

Spring Trends 2022 - Preppy Vibes

Pops of Color

I’ve been seeing a lot of bold colors this spring. The neutrals that were so big last year are still around, but we’re slowing incorporating more color into our lives.

I especially love seeing bold colors and prints on pants and almost every store seems to have at least one or two bold-colored pants. I couldn’t help myself and I just had to get this red pants from Draper James at Kohl’s. They’re super-soft and comfy and brighten even the cloudiest spring day.

Spring Outfit Trends - Bold Pants

High-Waisted Bootcut Jeans

I swear, high-waisted boot cut jeans must be magic. These jeans make everyone look tall and skinny. I’m obsessed. They also look great with lots of other trends from Spring 2022: tucked-in graphic t-shirt and blazer, an oversized shirt, or even double denim. I’m pairing them here with a cute peasant blouse and another spring 2022 trend: the shirt jacket (aka the shacket).

Spring Outfit Trends - High Waisted Jeans

Wide Leg Pants

If you like the bootcut and flared look, you’ll love the new wide leg pants which give the same vibe as a full skirt. When the bottom half is this wide, I like keeping the top close to the body and tucked in for counterbalance. Paired with spare, minimal accessories, this outfit will keep you looking cool and polished on even the hottest days of summer.

15 Realistic Spring 2022 Trends for Women over 40 88


Tops are getting more fitted and closer to the body as pants are getting bigger and nothing works better than a bodysuit for keeping your shirt neat. I’ve been seeing them around for a couple of years in a few places, but this year, they’re everywhere.

I bought a tank top bodysuit last summer and I loved how I never had to worry about how it looked. I’ll be adding a few more to my wardrobe this spring.

Bodysuits look great with Mom Jeans because they look sleek and help to balance out the bulkier jeans.

Sping 2022 Outfit Trends - Bodysuits


An easy jumpsuit is always my go-to when I need to look good but just can’t be bothered. This jumpsuit from Old Navy features Gingham, another Spring 2022 trend, and couldn’t be easier or more flattering.

Spring Trends 2022 - Easy Jumpsuits

Mom Jeans

Yep. I’ve been resisting this trend as well. But I’m finally seeing flattering ways to wear these jeans. The key is to keep the top silhouette of your outfit sleek and tailored to balance out the jeans. And to find a pair of mom jeans that have lots of stretch so there’s no gapping or tugging.

These American Eagle Jeans are the perfect Mom Jeans. They’re comfy, not too extreme and have a ton of stretch so they fit just right. You can wear them casually with sneakers or go for a classic with a tucked in fitted shirt and blazer.

15 Realistic Spring 2022 Trends for Women over 40 106

Oversized Shirt

Soft, casual oversized shirts are everywhere this spring. You can use them as a shacket over a more structured piece, like a bodysuit, or tuck them into straight or skinny jeans. (See! You can still wear your skinny jeans!)

I’m digging the preppy vibe (another trend this spring!) of this oversized poplin shirt tucked into skinny jeans. Topped with a sweater blazer, it’s the perfect mix of casual and dressed-up.

Spring 2022 Trends - Oversized Shirt

Graphic Tee and Jacket

The graphic tee, jacket, and jeans look has been around for a few years, but it’s still going strong in Spring 2022. I’m really happy about that – I love this look. It’s extremely wearable for all ages and body types and makes anyone who wears it look trendy. Plus – Dolly!

Spring Outfit Trends - Graphic Tee and Jacket with Jeans

Denim on Denim

Here’s your proof that every trend always returns. I can think of at least three times in my life now that I’ve been through the “denim with denim is cute” and “denim with denim is stupid” cycle. We’re back to thinking it’s cute now and that’s fine with me. The key to making your denim on denim outfit look modern is to use different tones and textures in your outfit. No more Canadian Tuxedo look.

2022 Spring Outfit Trends - Denim on Denim

Calming Neutrals

Muted colors in calm earth tones was a big trend last spring and it’s still going strong. This is one of my favorite trends because I just love how easy it easy and how elegant it looks.

Spring 2022 Trends - Calming Neutrals

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