Six Ways to Enjoy Spring Hygge for a Bright and Serene Home

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We think of hygge as a winter habit, but spring hygge can be just as cheerfully cozy. You can still embrace the spirit of hygge in spring and keep the hygge spirit of of cozy comfort going all year log. Here are six ways to embrace the spirit of hygge in spring make your life hyggelig as the weather warms up and the days lengthen.

My word for the year is the Danish word “hygge,” which means a cozy spirit of contentment. That means I’ve been focusing on making my home a sanctuary from the outside world; a place where my family feels warm, friendly, and comforted.

That works just great in winter because so much of the hygge concept seems to assume we are huddling inside away from snow, but can you still embrace hygge as the weather gets warmer?

Of course! Here are six ways to embrace the spirit of spring hygge spirit at home.

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1. Give Your House a Hygge Spring Cleaning

After huddling inside all winter, it’s time to brighten your house for spring! I spent all day Sunday cleaning, shining and most important, purging to reduce the clutter that seems to build up almost inevitably. Now the house feels bright and airy and I was delighted to spend a comfy Sunday evening nestled on the couch enjoying my refreshed home.

My living room after my hygge spring refresh

2. Take Out the Dark Colors and Bring in the Bright Colors

I treated myself to a mini shopping spree during my spring cleaning and changed out several of the dark accessories I had been using during the fall and winter with some bright spring colors. Now our living area still feels cozy but much lighter in feeling.

Colorful fabrics in hygge spring colors
Fun fabrics in colorful fabrics add a touch of bright comfort for a cozy hygge spring feel.

3. Candles are Still Essential for Hygge in Spring

Candles are appropriate year-round for warming up your space and filling it with a wonderful fragrance. I switched out my winter scents for bright, spring scents like Linen and Beach. And I love to burn them in bulk! It fills the house with warm light and makes us all feel cozy.


4. Bring the Outside In

Spring flowers are an obvious choice here – they are so pretty and brighten up the house. But you can also go outside the norm and set up a nature-themed centerpiece for your dining table like this repurposed cupcake stand here.


5. Switch Out Your Bed Linens for a Colorful, Lighter Weight Spread or Duvet

There’s nothing cozier than burrowing under a thick feather duvet in winter, but that can get pretty hot here in the south when the weather turns warm. A colorful and lightweight bedspread can lighten up your room and bring the sunshine in. And don’t forget to add some crisp cotton sheets so you just slide into bed.


6. Have an Easy Potluck Dinner to Celebrate the Warmer Weather

Hygge is all about sharing your life with friends and family. Once you’ve gotten your home in spring hygge shape, why not invite some friends over for an easy-peasy dinner party? Here’s a great idea for the easiest dinner party ever.

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