25+ Instagram Accounts to Follow for Self-Care When It All Just Seems Too Much

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We’re focusing on different aspects of self-care this week on Midlife Rambler. Today, I’m featuring the good things about social media by highlighting Instagram Accounts to Follow for Self-Care when you just need a break from the world around you.

Remember how we all used to hate on social media, saying it encouraged jealousy and fomo? Now, so many of us are using it as a tool to stay connected to our loved ones since we can’t see them in real life. And some heroes among us are using it to spread joy and encouragement to everyone around them.

I’ve actually been a big fan of using Instagram as a form of self-care for quite a while now. I’ve honed my Instagram feed into a joyous array of motivational sayings, cute animals, beautiful food, and funny images that gets my day started with a smile every morning. So, I’ve got a ton of suggestions for Instagram accounts you can turn to when the world outside seems to raw and scary and you need a reminder that there is a good and beauty still remaining in the world.

Here are more than 25 of my favorite Instagram Accounts for Self-Care. Let me know your favorites in the comments.

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Instagram Accounts to Follow for Self-Care

Instagram Accounts to Follow When You Need Some Advice and Inspiration


Stacie is a children’s book illustrator who posts colorful inspirational sayings every day. She always shows up in my feed each morning and makes my day better when I see her drawings.


More illustrated self-care tips and affirmations, Adam’s feed is full of things to do when you’re just not sure what you should do.


Allyson Dinneen, an emotions therapist, hand writes one note a day with the advice your therapist wishes she could say to you.


I’m a little shocked at how delightful Elephant Journal’s Instagram account is. Their feed is a mix of encouragement, inspiration, and humor and all of it is helpful.

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“There’s a well-known saying which states, ‘If you win the morning, you win the day.’ ⁠ ⁠ I was losing the morning and losing the day. Waking up bleary-eyed looking for a caffeine fix was certainly not how winners started their day.⁠ ⁠ I had read numerous articles on the importance of creating a morning ritual. Rituals differed from person to person but the end result was that people felt calmer and more balanced throughout the day. As a self-confessed stress head this was exactly what I needed in my life, so I decided to begin an experiment.⁠ ⁠ For 30 days I would begin my own morning ritual in the hopes that I too could be one of those calm and balanced people.⁠ ⁠ I was already a big fan of journaling and noticed how effective it was at centering my mind, keeping negative thought patterns at bay and inspiring my writing practice. I had recently read The Artists Way by Julia Cameron who touted the wonders of a concept called Morning Pages.⁠ ⁠ Simply put these are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing done first thing in the morning. Unlike journaling you simply write out, without censure, whatever thoughts came to mind. Good, bad, ugly, or indifferent.⁠ ⁠ The point, according to Cameron, is to ‘catch yourself before your ego’s defenses are in place.’⁠ ⁠ The primary function of this ‘brain dump’ is to begin the process of removing the angry, whiny, petty worries that cloud your thinking so that they don’t accompany you throughout the day. The content simply doesn’t matter, what’s important is getting your thoughts out of your head and onto the page. You can write about absolutely anything, from small frustrations to your deepest fears or just a good ol’ fashioned angry tirade.⁠ ⁠ The first few days into my morning pages experiment were tough. I was a slave to the snooze button and it was an exercise in self-discipline to simply turn on the light and reach for my journal. My first few entries were filled with banalities, typically grumbling on for sentences describing just how very tired I was.⁠ ⁠ I kept going…” 👉Keep reading: “Why Morning Pages Could Be Your Most Powerful Morning Ritual,” on elephantjournal.com (or click the link in bio).

A post shared by Elephant Journal (@elephantjournal) on


Sweet illustrations to remind you – and all women – are something special.

Instagram Accounts for Yoga and Meditation


Loosen up with a quick yoga flow by following one of Kerri Verna’s quick IG videos.

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🔥 Here’s a fun one to try! Back, hamstrings, glutes and obliques!🌈 ⠀ Directions: From reverse plank, twist your hips side to side as you exhale with “shhh” sound. Keep your hips from sagging down by pressing hips up. Point your toes to help engage the hamstring! ⠀ On another note … Who else is bored out of their mind staying at home? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Even though my state just went on a 45 day lockdown, my county issued a stay-at-home order 2 weeks ago. ⠀ 2 months is a looong time to be at home as many of you are already feeling I’m sure!😭 ⠀ I’ve been filling my days with gardening, sewing (I made a few really bad looking face masks 😂), baking (and eating), cleaning, organizing, and creating more Yoga & Pilates classes. ⠀ What have you been doing to pass the time? ⠀ If you want to try my online classes and programs, click the link in my profile or go to: www.beachyogagirl.com ⠀ #BYGMETHOD Use “IAMREADY” for $10 off!

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Sara Auster holds live sound baths on Instagram to help you go deeper into your meditation practice.


Oh my God, Lizzo! The national treasure who is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Check out her meditations to help calm your heart and mind when it really does all get to be too much.

Instagram Accounts with Beautiful Food


I don’t know of anything that’s more soothing than watching a video of sourdough bread being scored (or anything less soothing than trying to score sourdough bread yourself). My daily sourdoughbread will make you forget all your troubles and keep you mesmerized for ours with their process videos and beautiful shots of the finished bread.

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OK, I’m either getting old (yes, totally), too stressed (big time) or I somehow managed to delete the scoring video of my last post that I promised to share. Maybe I didn’t even make one, who knows (see pt.2). 😱😖 Anyhow, worry not, I’ll make one in the near future, until then, here is a scoring video of the second last post, which I also got a lot of questions about technique. 🙌 . As you can see, the base dough is wrapped in another layer of dough (can you spot sesame seeds?) which is then scored and this is the reason it opens up nicely. When making this kind of bread, chop some portion of the dough and roll it to circle, grease it with oil and than wrap the base dough with it and that’s it. Who is going to try to make one? 🙌😎 x . . . #lievitomadre #breadlife #surdeg #desem #instafood #sourdoughbread #wildyeast #masamadre #bbga #naturallyleavened #sourdough #levain #pain #kruh #drozi #zdrozmi #kiselkruh #foodblogfeed #pastamadre #buzzfeast #realbread #livefolk #slowliving #marthabakes #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #simplepleasures #bonappetitmagazine #saveur #sauerteig @thefeedfeed.baking @bread_masters_

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I could spend an entire afternoon watching cakes being decorated so I absolutely love browsing Courtney’s feed. She usually includes the recipe so you can bake along if you get inspired.

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Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cake! . . I ran out of time to post this one before St. Patrick’s Day, but honestly, this cake is worthy of your kitchen year-round! . . The cake layers are made with ground pistachios and mini chocolate chips and the buttercream has a hint of lime! The combinations is a 10! . And forget, I have a new highlight section called “substitutions” that I created to help you in case you’re finding it hard to locate certain items right now. I’ll continue adding to it! . . For a cake like this one, if you don’t have pistachio flavored pudding mix, you will just replace the pudding mix amount with sugar ☺️. The crushed pistachios still give it a great flavor and texture. You’ll just want a little green food coloring to give the layers some color like this. . . Hope your quarantine days are going well. If you need some baking entertainment, I’m sharing the makings of my new Chocolate Malt Cake in my stories 🙌🏻 Avery helped me this morning and shows you some great ways kids can help in the kitchen. . . . #cakebycourtney #cakebycourtneycakevideo #cakevideo #cakedecoratingvideo #cakedecorating #cakesofinstagram #cakestagram #cake #cakes

A post shared by Courtney Rich (@cakebycourtney) on


There’s nothing more soothing than a video of a mirror-glazed cake. (It also looks deceptively easy as I can tell you from painful personal experience.)


OK, so, honestly, I could probably fill this whole post exclusively with accounts from Great British Bake Off contestants, past and former hosts, and meme accounts and I, for one, would find the list satisfying and complete, but I understand that wouldn’t satisfy everyone. So, I’ve kept myself to just one GBBO-related account and, if you’re going to just pick one, the choice is absolutely clear: it’s got to be bakewithrahul. Rahul Mandal, the GBBO winner of 2018, is hands-down the sweetest and kindest person in the entire world. His food is beautiful and his captions radiate love. If you only followed one account in this list, you should follow this one.

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A #jewelled spring cheesecake decorated with #springflowers! I am dedicating this #kiwi #whitechocolate #cheesecake to the #jewels of our society, who selflessly working and treating people all over the world. To all the key workers, from #NHS, to #teachers, #police #supermarkets #military #firefighter to everyone who is keeping the essential services going! I know the things are not how any of us expected it to be. It is changing every day. The life of everyone around the world have changed over the past few weeks. Now, above any other time, life is teaching us to appreciate the simplest of things in life. Whether it is seeing the first spring flower in the garden, or looking at a clear blue sky, or for some people finding a bag of #flour in the super market… is making us happy! We are catching up with our friends and family over phone, #skype, #zoom! Sometime it needs just to stop, think and appreciate things around us and in our life, in a strange way we have nothing else than to do it now. Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty especially when we don’t know how and when things are going back to normal. But there is not much we can do about it. The only thing we can do is follow the guidelines. And you know if you can do it, you are in a fortunate position compare to a lot of other countries, where thousands of people are migrating from one city to other, walking hundreds of miles. I wish I could do something! What I and you all can do is stay at home to stop the spread. And give enough time and opportunity for the medical professionals from NHS and all over the world to able to provide the treatment to people who are in the serious needs! That’s the best way to get through the situation as a person, as a community, as a nation and overall for humanity. #staysafe everyone! #bake #mascarpone #instacake #cardamom #cowslip #daffodils #pomegranate #foodphotography #gbbo #flower #foodstyling #stayathome #love #dessert

A post shared by Dr Rahul Mandal (@bakewithrahul) on


Jordan Younger posts beautiful pictures of plant-based food and she looks so healthy, happy and strong that she’s a walking advertisement for the power of eating healthy.

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i live for ojai weekends with my boy and i liiiive for this loaded green salad with tempeh that i modify to make completely salt, oil, sugar free! from the HIP VEGAN which is the best restaurant name ever. 🎉 annnd I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU GUYS!! 🎉 we’ve decided to keep detox your life open for one more day, as the group detox starts tomorrow and if you’ve been on the fence – this is your sign 🤩 in it you will receive my 192 page ebook with nearly 60 SOS-free recipes, live calls with me, private FB group access, plus all of the tips and info you’ll need for living plant based, food combining, detoxing, and having true food freedom. ultimately it’s all about feeling amazing and finding your most radiant YOU! even if you don’t want to start with us tmrw, you’ll be able to save the three live calls with me (first one on monday!!) to watch when you’re ready to start! link in my bio to join us – leave me a 💘 if you are IN!!! #tbbmademedoit #detoxyourlife #mindbodysoul #healingjourney

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Healthyish is one of my favorite cookbooks, so I’m delighted with their Instagram account which has even more healthy and delicious recipes.

Instagram Accounts with Cute Animals


mr.pokee focuses on the adventures of what I believe we can all agree is the world’s cutest hedgehog and his friend, Audree, the cat.


I follow a wide variety of goat content on Instagram (look, you’re the one reading me for ideas so I wouldn’t take the judgey tone if I were you) and I feel like I’m in a good position to say this is the best account for cute baby goat content. You’re welcome.


Jill the Squirrel is a 7-year old squirrel rescue churning out all the great Instagram content you need.

Instagram Accounts with Cute Kids


Beautiful photographs of cute kids with stunning artwork. I don’t know why, but I find looking at this account incredibly soothing.


You won’t know who’s cuter: this kids in this Instagram account or their poodle siblings.


Spoiler alert: I’m a sucker for all kid/dog Instagram content.

Instagram Accounts That Will Help You Appreciate the Little Moments in Life


I can’t scroll this feed without crying, but it’s a good cry. This Instagram account celebrates the best kind of wedding photography: those little moments that are so real and authentic and truly show the love being celebrated that day. The best pictures are some of the ugliest.


I can’t remember how I first heard about this sweet Japanese couple (or even how I know that they’re Japanese; they may not be). But I do know that whenever they show up in my feed, smiling and dressed in their identical outfits, they make me smile as well. Update: They are Japanese!

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今日はキリスト教の『主の公現』の祭日。東方の三博士が星に導かれてベツレヘムに到着し、クリスマスにお生まれになったイエス様に拝謁された日とされています。 フランスではこの公現祭の日に『ガレット・デ・ロワ』というお菓子を食べる風習があります🇫🇷👑 * 教会の御ミサのあと、MAISON KAYSER(メゾンカイザー)のガレット・デ・ロワを買って帰りました。 本来お菓子の中に隠されているフェーヴは、別添えになっていました。 サクサクのパイ生地とカスタードクリーム、洋酒の効いたアーモンドクリームがとても美味しかったです😋😋 * ホワイト&グレーコーデ bon ・セーター(UNIQLO) ・シャツ(UNIQLO) ・パンツ(UNIQLO) pon ・カーディガン(GU) ・ワンピース(楽天) * #ガレットデロワ #メゾンカイザー #主の公現 #公現祭 #夫婦 #60代 #ファッション #コーディネート #リンクコーデ #夫婦コーデ #グレイヘア #白髪 #共白髪 #couple #over60 #fashion #coordinate #instafashion #instagramjapan #greyhair #bonpon511

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Instagram Accounts with Happy News


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Pay it forward. ❤️💯

A post shared by Good News Movement (@goodnews_movement) on

If you feel like you’re surrounded by nothing by doom and gloom, check out the Good News Movement, which highlights the good deeds we so rarely hear about. Use it as an inspiration for your own acts of kindness!


The Instagram feed of The Happy Newspaper, a British newspaper designed to share happy news. This paper was started by a young girl in her 20s and I love seeing the lack of cynicism.

Instagram Accounts That are Honestly Just Delightfully Random


Tune in every day for advice, commentary, and a healthy dose of TMI.


If you like humorous charts about topical matters (and who doesn’t?), you’ll enjoy – and relate to – Matt Shirley’s daily charts.

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This concludes a very very bad month of January.

A post shared by Matt Shirley (@mattsurelee) on


The account is described as “Satisfying Kinetic Sand Videos” and I couldn’t say it better myself. You’ll be so mesmerized, you’ll forget all about your troubles.

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