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15+ Practical Self-Care Ideas to Keep Your Worry and Anxiety Under Control

These simple and practical self-care ideas will help tame your anxiety and keep your worry under control even during the toughest times. These are the ideas you can turn to when the world feels too scary. Let’s face it. These days, life is scary and overwhelming for all of us. A pandemic has...

5 Tips for Your College Student’s First Summer Break

You and your college student have both changed during the last year. Here's how to renegotiate living together when they return for summer break so you don't drive each other crazy.

How to Find Love When You’re Dating Over 50

If you're dating over 50 and looking for love, these tips willhelp you attract the partner you're looking for. If you're a woman over 50 and dating - whether it's online dating or another route, don't fall victim to the myth that "all the good men are taken." That's absolutely not true. These 10 tips will...

How to Successfully Reinvent Yourself After 40 and Create a Satisfying Second Half of Your Life

If you're over 40 and ready for a change, I've got advice on how to reinvent yourself in midlife from the master of reinvention herself: Claire Cook, the author of Must Love Dogs. Here are Claire's best tips on the steps to transform yourself into your own midlife reinvention.

How to Learn to Treat Yourself with Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion is often something that's hard for many of us. Yet practicing self-compassion can significantly increase our happiness and make us more successful. Here's why you should treat yourself with self-compassion and tips on how to learn to treat yourself more self-compassionately.