college dorm essentials

13 College Dorm Essentials You’ll Actually Use [2022]

You don’t really have to buy a lot of stuff for college. If your kids are typical college freshman, most of what you buy will never be used. These college…

10 Best Nashville Hidden Gems

The 10 Best Nashville Hidden Gems

These Nashville Hidden Gems may not get the publicity like the Downtown Honky Tonks or the Grand Ole Opry but you’ll be glad you took the time to visit these…

Romanticize Your Life Heading

27 Powerful Ways to Romanticize Your Life

Did you know you can increase your life satisfaction and happiness by learning how to romanticize your life? Here’s what it means to romanticize your life and 27 ways you…

amazon capsule wardrobe

The Ultimate Amazon Capsule Wardrobe [2022]

This capsule wardrobe features stylish business casuals basics you can wear year-round. Because everything goes together perfectly, you have tons of outfit choices from just 15 pieces (plus 3 pairs…

Work from Home Wardrobe Essentials [2022]

Work from Home Wardrobe Essentials [2022]

With these 13 work from home wardrobe essentials, you can create a capsule wardrobe that gives you dozens of easy, comfortable outfits. Plus, you can wear these inexpensive pieces (from…

Empty Nest Quotes Heading

55 Quotes about the Empty Nest to Inspire & Comfort You

Facing the empty nest can feel overwhelming, even for those of us who thought we were prepared. I know I cried some tears the first time I came home to…

Beauty & Style

Amazon Personal Shopper Review Heading

My Honest Review of Amazon Personal Shopper

My honest review of Amazon Personal Shopper – Amazon’s new personal styling service designed to compete with styling services like StitchFix. What is Amazon Personal Shopper? Amazon Personal Shopper is…

Around the House


How to Start Decluttering When You’re Overwhelmed by Everything

Clutter is one of the biggest obstacles to a happy and organized life. When you’re surrounded by clutter, it’s hard to find anything, it’s difficult to relax in your own…

Family & Relationships

How to Plan a Successful Family Vacation with Your College Student and Young Adult Children

How to Plan a Successful Family Vacation with Your College Student and Young Adult Children

Vacations with your young adult children can be an amazing opportunity to bond. You just need to remember that they aren’t kids anymore and follow these simple tips. A family…

Your Best Life

self-care checklist heading

This Self-Care Checklist will Keep You from Burning Out

I wrote earlier about how we midlife women are often so busy taking care of the other people in our lives that we often don’t even see the signs when we are…